DAY6 are back today with I like You, concluding their year-long project ‘Every DAY6’.

I Like You is the lead track for their second album Moonrise, which has 18 tracks total.

The DAY6 band boys are Jae, Sungjin (leader), Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon. They debuted in September 2015 as a six-piece, but original member Junhyeok left within five months. No matter, the five are still going strong, and still with JPY Entertainment.

This year has been a busy one with the Every DAY6 project: two song releases every month along with concerts before each release from January to December 2017. Earlier this year they released their first studio album Sunrise, and completed a North American tour. Next year likely won’t be any quieter, as the band will be touring Korea for the first time in 2018: Catch them in Busan on January 20th, Daegu on January 27th, and Daejeon on February 10th.

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