Dreamcatcher have released their much anticipated EP “Alone in the City” on September 20.

Controversy has surrounded the release however, due to a video teaser revealed on September 6 showcasing the Mapo Bridge, a place notoriously known for suicide attempts. The audio of the clip also contained segments from news broadcasts on suicides, mental health illnesses. The video was deleted after an uproar from upset fans alongside an apology being posted. Despite this mishap, the album has been released and promoted without any more issues thankfully.

The album itself hosts a variety of tracks from different genres of music. “What”, the promoted single is an upbeat, rock song that stays in tune with Dreamcatcher’s previously promoted tracks and brand identity as a rock group.

Focusing on the rest of the songs, the production quality is quite high. “Intro” hypes up the rest of the album with an incredible build up towards the end before “What” begins to play. “Wonderland” is very different and deviates to the R&B side of things. “Trap” follows suit however contains a few instances of dubstep to flesh out the track more, especially during the chorus. The album more-or-less ends with the soothing, sweet reggae track “July 7th”, sounding very similar to the Wonder Girls single “Why So Lonely?”.

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A bonus track, the instrumental version of “What” is available for those who want to hear the oustanding electric guitars and drums play out without any of the members’ vocals being heard.

Overall, this is one of the better K-Pop releases of the year, and showcases the versatility of Dreamcatcher through multiple genres of music and tempos.

Dreamcatcher’s “Alone in the City” is available on all popular streaming platforms and online retailers.


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