London Korean Film Festival

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The return of the London Korean Film Festival November 2011, Bringing the best Korean Cinema to the best Venues in London. This year the London Korean Film Festival will feature some of the most acclaimed and exciting Korean cinema that have won awards across the world. (Please note not all of these films are shown in london, a few are in other cities too)

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Please view each link to see more information on the films.

War of the Arrows | London Odeon Westend Leicester | 6PM November 3rd
Sunny | London ICA | 6PM November 4th
The Front Line With talk From Dr Daniel Martin | London ICA | 8:45PM November 4th
10th Mise en Scene – Short Films | London ICA | 3:30PM November 5th
Detective K: Secret of The Virtuous Woman | London ICA | 6PM November 5th
Dance Town | London ICA | 8:45PM November 5th
Leafie A Hen Into The Wild + directors Q | London ICA | 2PM November 6th
10th Mise en Scene Short Films 2 | London ICA | 4:30PM November 6th
Poongsan| London ICA | 7PM November 6th/8:45PM November 10th
Rough Cut| KCC UK | 4PM November 7th
Chaser | KCC UK | 6:30PM November 7th
Scandal Makers | KCC UK | 4PM November 8th
Momento Mori | KCC UK | 6:30PM November 8th
Yellow Sea | London ICA | 8:45PM November 9th
Suicide forecast | London ICA | 6:30PM November 10th
Late Autumn | London ICA | 8:45PM November 10th
War of the Arrows | Showroom Sheffield | 5:45PM November 11th
A Day Off + DR Mark Morris talk | KCC UK | 7:30PM November 11th
Late Autumn (1981) | KCC UK | 2PM November 12th
Assassins | KCC UK | 4PM November 12th
Dance Town | Showroom Sheffield | 6PM November 12th
The Front Line | Showroom Sheffield | 8:15PM November 12th
Poongsan | Showroom Sheffield | 5:45PM November 13th
Die Bad | London Apollo Cinema | 8:30PM November 14th
Dachimawa Lee | London Apollo Cinema | 8:30PM November 14th
No Blood No Tears | London Apollo Cinema | 6PM November 15th
Arahan | London Apollo Cinema | 8:30PM November 15th
Crying First + Ryoo Seung Wan Q&A | London Apollo Cinema | 5:30PM November 16th
City of Violence | London Apollo Cinema | 8:30PM November 16th
The Unjust | London Apollo Cinema | 6PM November 17th
Die Bad | Arts Picturehouse Cambridge | 6PM November 18th
Dance Town | Arts Picturehouse Cambridge | 6PM November 19th
Detective K: Secret of The Virtuous Woman |Tyneside Cinema Newcastle| 5:45PM November 20th
The Unjust | Arts Picturehouse Cambridge| 6PM November 20th
Dance Town | Tyneside Cinema Newcastle | 5:55PM November 22nd
The Unjust| Tyneside Cinema Newcastle | 8:45PM November 24th

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