As part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Korean acts have been warmly welcomed into the Scottish capital to showcase their talents for the ‘Korean Season’.

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Watch SNAP‘s official trailer here.

SNAP is a ‘non-verbal mystery performance’ show given by 8 of Korea’s top visual illusion acts, two of which also performed at last years Fringe Festival. With top reviews from the likes of BBC, ITV, Oriental Daily and more, this show promises curiosity, fun, and entertainment.

Each magician has won numerous awards individually, performed internationally and have each made their own mark in the magic industry. Bringing the best of Korea’s illusionists together has set high standards for the show.

The performance features each magician in their own world with their own theme for their solo stages, which has been threaded together by the comedy and quirkiness of the three ‘tricksters’ as they open a mysterious door and explore each world within, leaving their mark in these magician’s lives.

The show opens with the three Tricksters working up the audience, this is the height of audience interaction as they run up and down the aisles, one even going as far as eating audience’s snacks and sipping their drinks! They act as a transition through each act, providing a fun story which got the audience of all ages laughing.

After the door has been opened, we’re presented with The Kid who’s trapped in his world of innocence. We see him innocently playing with origami, almost effortlessly making things appear out of what seems like thin air. A simple yet intriguing start to the show.

The Witch is up next with her beautiful performance. Also dubbed as one of the finest female magicians in the world, she stays classy and elegant whilst the things around her seem to fly, disappear and transform. She effortlessly combines dance and magic to create a new feeling for the show.

Next comes my personal favourite, The Alchemist. A unique yet artistic act which utilises sand to mix things up a bit. The whole stage was beautifully demonstrated and it gave off an almost dreamlike feeling with the music and lighting choices. This is definitely a creative way to show some new tricks!

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The Time Traveller follows up next, this is a very well praised act who’s been known for performing in several countries worldwide. It all started off deliberately clumsy as he showed us some card illusions, knocking things over in the process but still pulling off the slight of hand which was needed. The act is then completely rewound like a video tape, and he performs his tricks backwards, defying gravity and logic whilst keeping things smooth.

The duo up next, The Flash, hold a Guinness record for the fastest costume change illusion (in 30 seconds). The act revolves around the art of complete costume changes which are so fast, you could miss it with the blink of an eye. They’re extremely popular in Korea and have performed for SBS, as well as having held performances worldwide. Definitely an act to keep an eye one!

Last but not least is The Dreamer, an act who uses lights to almost make him invisible and manipulate the world around him. This was a brilliant act to end on as he accurately portrays his character and brings his work to life in front of your eyes.

Of course, this isn’t the whole show. There’s still so much more to see and talk about! If you ever have the chance to see SNAP live, I’d highly recommend it. It’s good fun for all ages, and as it’s non-verbal there isn’t an issue with translations. It’s both creative and fun, with never a dull moment.

Photos via SNAP (스냅)


A skilful yet fun show for all ages, would definitely watch again!

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