As the Hallyu wave reels in more and more of western audiences, there seems to be no stopping white people from breaking into Kpop with barely any knowledge of the language or/and music industry. With Chad Future running so EXP Edition could fly (and crash), it seems Oli London has now stepped into their footsteps of becoming the next Caucasian catastrophe to try and strike the Korean Pop scene.

British-born Oli first invited himself on to Kpop fans’ social media after admitting to getting plastic surgery to look allegedly like BTS member Jimin. However, his mastermind goals to achieve the Korean idol look have decided to take a trip to the vocal side of things. Brace yourself, hun!

“Perfection” marks the beginning of his tremendously self-hyped debut. It mixes Duolingo Level 1 Korean vocals with spacely flowed English lyrics in autotune, a similar fashion to that of the legendary “Jam (Turn It Up)” by Kim Kardashian or the old T-Pain app that once graced the 2011-era iPod Touch.

Focusing on the perfectly short music video, Oli is showcased in twinkish attire against a backdrop of Asian people being used as mere objects while rocking off a traditional “Can I speak to a manager?” hairstyle. The scenes also shift to a vacant nightclub, where the main man in question sits emotionless in a VIP booth while peering at his friends who smile awkwardly and pretend to have fun. Hello Black Mirror episode, USS Callister!

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Nearing towards the end of the music video, we’re treated to courageously attempted freestyle dance moves by his peers and Oli croaking out “I am perfection” over and over. The 3:15 mark is then reached and the viewer is left to kiss their teeth at the blank screen.

To summarise everything perfectly? It’s the latest in a case where white people give themselves the go-ahead to swerve and strut into any culture they think will benefit them, hereby rampaging into a tirade of cultural appropriation and cringe-for-the-ages. As mentioned before with Chad Future and EXP Edition, it’s not going to be successful and I’m sure Kpop fans aren’t going to be too interested with this continuous colonial entitlement.

Now, music is subjective, and if you love our little Jimin impersonator’s debut, the remix EP is available to buy and stream on Apple Music and Spotify!



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