There are 3 ways to get to Korea Town, You can get a South West train from waterloo, A 93 and 213 from Morden, or a K5 from Morden (I strongly advice against choosing the K5 as it comes once every hour!) Depending on which route you choose, you will end up in different parts of New Malden, so we’ve mapped out the 2 best routes for you below.

1. Getting there from Waterloo (Recomended)
You will need to check the trains, for ones which go to New Malden. Hampton Court, Strawberry Hill and Shepperton ussually go to New Malden, but please be sure to check. You will end up here:

2. Getting there via the 93 and 213 from Morden

X arrive at morden tube station, and take the 93 bus to North Cheam (The bus you need to get is on the opposite side of the road to morden station). Arrive at Y (North Cheam) and switch to the 213, you will need to walk upwards and take the first right to get to the 213 bus stop towards New Malden. You will end up here:

See our other pages on New Malden for more information on places to visit in K Town.