Remember back when MBC festival was held in June? Do you remember the day before the concert when fans followed EXO-K around Oxford Street and got bashed for it? After that festival, they got labeled as crazy fans who don’t know how to keep their distance.

You must be joking.

Firstly, It’s not just UK fans who act that way. Only some people reacted that way and of course, people tend to want to find the negative things about a situation or a person because its more interesting. Every country has the same kind of fans who have the same behaviour. Do you really think its easy to stay calm seeing an idol who lives miles away for one minute and act responsible? No. No-one can be so calm that they wouldn’t stutter at least once to their favourite idols (well, there have been a few people who I’ve come across have).

Not even I was when I saw Rain.

Picture has been blurred for obvious reasons


In fact even K-Pop fans in this country seem to dislike being in a fan in the UK.  When my friend showed me the pictures of the Seoul Bakery writings in the wall, I was fuming because I know three of those people’s usernames and I’m guessing the people who wrote this don’t know who they are and are just judging them by how they were at the time. Sure when an idol comes here, we all want to see them as much as possible especially since most of us do not have the money or time to go to the concert and airport (Of course you shouldn’t go to extreme and following an idol everywhere but some people have got to remember its not the same people).

But wait! Remember what I posted in Obsession around idols…? That fancam of those girls on the same hotel floor as Wooyoung in LA goes to show there are fans who just as worse in other countires. Or from what I read in an article, a group of American A+s got into the lift with MBLAQ and harassed the boys so much that they had to get off a few floors before their actual stop to lose the crazy fans.

“There will always be a hierachy system. People think their better than everyone else just because their ‘known’ its like school all over again with stupid cliques. And you always get the bitchy mean fans.”


We’re all fans at the end of the day trying to get a picture or fancams of our favourite idols to remember the moment but it’s not about boasting how many times you’ve seen your oppa or unni.

Some people may think this will be contradicting with some of the previous things I’ve written but it’s never about the K-Pop fandom but only a select individuals that I notice act like this. Plus I feel pissed off that because of one incident, the fans of this country were branded at the time as some of the worst K-Pop fans ever. I’m not speaking up for just some of the people that I knew who were present but also the people who were acting responsibly.

Conclusion? Don’t bash other fans when every Idol fan has their crazy moment. I really hope we don’t get the same treatment during Big Bang’s upcoming tour. Especially since the majority of people are coming from other parts of Europe and Asia for the concert.

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