The Team

At UnitedKpop we pride ourselves on being a diverse and supportive team. We are a strong team of passionate volunteers who dedicate their free time to bringing you the latest and greatest in Korean music and events in the UK and Europe. Whether you’re looking to contact a specific staff member, or would just like to get to know us a little bit more – check out our staff roster below!

Senior Team

Freya Bigg

Lore Walsh
Creative Director

Kristine Phillips

Michael East
IT / Chief Photographer

Samera Iqbal
Senior News Correspondent

News Team

Samera Iqbal
Senior News Correspondent 

News Team

Keri Baptiste
Triya Chakravorty

Editorial Team

Amy Furney

Ann Amarawansa

Emma Alford

Lerah Barcenilla

Keeley Burridge

Shannon Cooper

Davina Dang

Rhiannon Healey

Caitlin Holloway

Jessica Morrison

Brianna Reason

Helen Rodgers 

Kimberly Rust

Nathan Sartain

Creative Team

Emily Stewart
Chelsea Visda
Josh Naughton
Janine Kaye