Exciting news for MYs: aespa and Trafalgar Releasing are proud to announce that aespa:
WORLD TOUR in cinemas will be coming to the big screen worldwide across two nights on 24
& 27 April!!

Experiences Aespa’s unparalledled live performances in the big screen, and witness their first ever UK show, which was held at the O2 arena in London. Don’t miss out on seeing all your favourite aespa songs in theatres, with other MYs from all over the country!

Tickets on sale from March 27 at 3pm GMT, visit

From February to September 2023 the group’s first world tour, aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 SYNK :
HYPER LINE, visited 21 venues across four continents. Now, step into the final chapter of their
global tour journey with aespa: WORLD TOUR in cinemas.

With their futuristic stage visuals, high-energy choreography and captivating vocals, watch
aespa fiercely command the stage at London’s O2 Arena, delivering fan favourites including
‘Next Level’, ‘Savage’, ‘Girls’, ‘Spicy’ and ‘Black Mamba’. The film also highlights individual
performances by each member, complemented by exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews,
offering a glimpse behind the curtain.

With over 2.8 billion YouTube views at NEXT LEVEL MV and much raved-about performances;
the fierce foursome of KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER and NINGNING are rapidly cementing their
status as killer performers on and off screen.

aespa said: “Since this is our first world tour, it will always hold a special place in our hearts as it
gave us the opportunity to see MYs from all over the world. ‘Til we meet again… we hope you
enjoy our first concert movie and keep an eye out for the exclusive content behind-the-scenes.”

CEO of Trafalgar Releasing, Marc Allenby, said: “We are pleased to announce the theatrical
release of aespa: WORLD TOUR in cinemas, a special cinematic presentation capturing the
acclaimed global tour, aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 SYNK : HYPER LINE. Dedicated MY, as well as
those curious to discover the global phenomenon, will appreciate the opportunity to witness the
full artistry and energy of aespa’s captivating live show on the big screen.”

CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, Jongryul Kim, said: “We are pleased to release a live concert of global
artist aespa’s first world tour as a movie in special formats. Our special formats, ScreenX and
4DX, will recreate the thrilling performance of aespa and fans in the theatre with immersion.”
Don1t miss this celebration of music and talent that captures the spirit and passion of aespa's
journey so far.

Experience even more with immersive special formats ScreenX, 4DX and ULTRA 4DX,
available in select cinemas.

Tickets go on sale March 27. Visit aespaworldtourincinemas.com for screening details
and full participating countries.

Release dates: Wednesday April 24, Saturday April 27, 2024


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