Today, NCT’s TEN releases his first ever solo mini album. The highly anticipated self-titled EP features six sonically colourful English-language songs which showcase him as a captivating performer. Listen to “TEN” HERE.

The new dance pop single ‘Nightwalker’ is the first track on the EP. It combines a rhythmic and addictive beat with subtle bass and guitar riffs. The lyrics portray the act of being irresistibly drawn to an alluring presence and perfectly pair with the sound. TEN’s unique and charming falsetto, along with the chorus’ powerful synth bass further heighten the tension of the song. Watch the music video for ‘Nightwalker’ HERE.

Elsewhere on the EP, the second track ‘Water’ is a Latin pop dance song that stylishly recreates the sounds of the early 2000s. The lyrics express a desire for someone with a deadly charm, metaphorically likened to water. Blended with TEN’s mature vocals, it seamlessly creates a captivating atmosphere. ‘Dangerous’ brings a pop punk genre into the mix by combining a groovy synth bass, funky guitar, and TEN’s playful vocals. The hip-hop track ‘ON TEN’ is infused with a powerful bass and upbeat synth sounds. The song is an ode to the self-confidence and bold aspirations for oneself and their friend group. TEN’s diverse and distinctive vocal charm shines throughout. ‘Shadow’ soon follows, with its poignant monologue eloquently expressing the story of longing for a former lover and reminiscing on the memories. The artist’s emotional vocal intensity leaves a strong impressing and adds depth to the narrative. The EP concludes with the medium-tempo pop song ‘Lie With You’ which features a nostalgic and dreamy guitar solo. The romantic tune conveys the whispered words of adoration exchanged between lovers.

Not only has TEN demonstrated his talent and creative range as a part of NCT and WayV, but also with previous solo singles such as ‘Birthday’, which earned praise from British GQ for its distinct performance: “a uniquely gifted dancer, the pleasure of any release from the singer is the way he can convey added meaning through movement”. ‘Birthday’ followed a trail of solo singles by TEN including ‘Paint Me Naked’, ‘New Heroes’, and ‘夢中夢 (Dream In A Dream)’.

1. Nightwalker
2. Water
3. Dangerous
5. Shadow
6. Lie With You


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