DPR ARTIC has released his debut album KINEMA. ARTIC, who is a south korean producer, DJ and artist under DREAM PERFECT REGIME, has previously released a number of solo tracks through his sound cloud, as well as producing and writing tracks for DPR, such as”Set It Off feat. DPR CLINE” for DPR LIVE; “SYNC” with DPR CREAM for the DPR x Adidas collaboration; and “Showcase 001,” “Showcase 002” and “Showcase 003” with DPR CREAM for the Regime Tour Finale in Seoul shows.

DPR ARTIC’s debut album consists of seven songs, four with features and three without. The album fits in with DPR’s experimental, unique style of music, whilst still showing off the DJ’s own techno vibe. 

Track List 


Do or Die (ft DPR IAN)

Dream (ft the Deep)

EMP (ft 1300)

POST (ft ODEE, oygli, NO YUNHA)


To Nirvana


The album consists of heady, dreamy techno tracks, such as Do or Die, and Dream. Each song is entrancing in its own way, easily letting the listener get lost in the vibe of the music. ARTIC also shows off his versatility with tracks such as POST, which have a more hiphop style, reminiscent of music from his labelmates. Listening to this track definitely reminded me of songs released by DPR before, whilst still being uniquely ARTIC’s style. 


Although we have seen tracks produced by ARTIC before, this album feels like a way of ARTIC really expressing himself and showing off his style, and allowing his art to really shine. 

Using elements of drum and bass, techno and EDM, ARTIC creates the perfect album for any occasion, whether it’s walking down the street at dusk, or getting ready for a concert, the album is sure to hype you up. Songs such as ‘Dream’ would be the perfect setting for a chill night with friends, with its upbeat atmosphere and relaxed vibe. Similarly, ‘To Nirvana’, is perfect for dancing with friends, or at any club. Any show or club would be electric with the buzzing atmosphere if this album was played, hyping anyone up.

This is an album that will be on replay for the rest of this year.  It gets us excited to see what ARTIC will release in the future. The anticipation for future stage appearances is high here at UKP! 

KINEMA was released FEB 2nd 2024, you can check it out on all streaming platforms. His instagram is @ DPRARTIC. 


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