Even though lockdown only permits people to go out once a day, that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay active. We compiled a list of 30 iconic kpop dances from girl groups and boy groups that you can learn during lockdown to get yourself moving and keep your body healthy while staying home.

1. Monster – EXO

‘Monster’ was EXO’s first music video to reach 300 million views on YouTube and was the most awarded song of 2016 so it’s undeniably iconic. Make sure to channel your moody side for this one, just like EXO, and opt for some unusual lighting to showcase your moves.


This extremely catchy dance is instantly recognisable with it’s gun-like hand movements – so catchy that it was nominated for Female Dance Track of the year in MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards and won MTV Video Music Awards Japan’s Best Dance Video.

3. Mr.Mr. – Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation are known for their iconic dance routines with ‘Gee’, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Genie’ all in their repertoire. We picked Mr.Mr. though as it has a handy dance practice video for you to learn the steps – or just for you to ogle at the girls’ talent.


‘I NEED U’ is one of BTS’s earlier dances to really impress people – with its smooth transitions and sensual moves, you can easily see why. This iconic dance is also a little simpler and slower so it’s perfect if you haven’t done much dancing before.

5. Coming of Age Ceremony – Park Ji-yoon

As one of the first iconic kpop dances, ‘Coming of Age Ceremony’ has been covered by countless kpop idols that have come since, including BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook as well as Ha Young from Apink, Joy from Red Velvet and Chanmi from AOA on KMF Live in 2014, so there’s plenty of videos to watch to learn this one.


It’s impossible to make a list of iconic kpop dances without including this one that’s pretty easy to learn. This song was so popular after its release that the dance was performed by contestants on American TV show ‘The Bachelor’ in 2014.

7. Cherry Bomb – NCT127

This dance was iconic from the first time they showed the split leg move from the end of the song on V Live. No matter which member of NCT127 you want to mimic for this dance it’s easy to learn their part since SM Entertainment released individual dance practice videos for each one!

8. Up & Down – EXID

This choreography is covered so often by kpop idols that there are compilations lasting around 15 minutes on YouTube that feature a range of covers from J.Y. Park and BTS to Girls’ Generation and Wanna One. There are also some tutorials to make the learning process even simpler.

9. Like This – Wonder Girls

Just like Girls’ Generation, most of Wonder Girls’ dance routines are notorious and memorable including ‘Like This’. Though it may not be as well-known as ‘Nobody’, ‘Tell Me’ or ‘So Hot’, it will really get you active and sweating with its energetic and bouncy choreography.

10. New Face – PSY

Eight years after its release, the dance for ‘Gangnam Style’ is known by everyone and most people can perform a rendition of it instantly. ‘New Face’ is a more recent PSY song with a slightly more complex routine, but it’s just as fun and entertaining to learn.


Even though this song was only released recently, it has already found its iconic status because of Ryujin’s shoulder dance that many idols have tried (and some failed) to mimic. There are a variety of dance practices for this one so take your pick – you could even try the sped up version!

12. WiggleWiggle – HELLOVENUS

‘WiggleWiggle’s sexy choreography includes – what I like to think of as – Korea’s version of twerking. Due to the group’s minimalistic clothing and their sensual dancing, the song’s music video was 19+ in Korea so you’ll have to channel your more provocative side – though it’s not quite the weather for shorts and crop tops.


Shownu’s vibrating chest move at the start of this song – need I say more? It was instantly popular and many kpop idols tried to replicate it making it an iconic dance. This one might be slightly more tricky to perfect, but the joys of lockdown mean you’ve got plenty of time to practice.

14. Touch My Body – SISTAR

SISTAR are known for their summer bops so this one should get you in the mood for a bit of sunshine and heat – just make sure you imagine yourself dancing by a pool, just like SISTAR are in the ‘Touch My Body’ music video, to get the vibe right.

15. Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop

Does it get any more iconic than Crayon Pop’s bizarre dance for ‘Bar Bar Bar’? I don’t think so. This one is also quite simple to learn and the jumping will definitely get your blood pumping. It’s also crucial that you wear the helmet for this one – it’s just not the same without it.

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SEVENTEEN are known for creating their own stunning, skilled and striking dances and VERY NICE is one of them. You might need to practice a bit harder for this one but its bound to feel so satisfying once you get it! Also, don’t forget those suspenders.

17. Lucifer – SHINee 

SHINee are also known for their iconic songs and dances – including the mesmerising ‘Ring Ding Dong’. ‘Lucifer’ is more complicated than ‘Ring Ding Dong’ but its robotic-style (or should I say robotronic-style?) which matches the electronic music is so amusing to learn. Fun fact: the song was also played during an episode of FOX’s TV series ‘Lucifer’ in 2018.

18. Bboom Bboom – MOMOLAND

MOMOLAND have made a name for themselves as a girl group that makes infectious songs with even more infectious dance routines. This instant hit was the first of their iconic dances which also include ‘Baam’, ‘I’m So Hot’ and ‘Thumbs Up’ so you can always make your way through the rest of them once you’re done with ‘Bboom Bboom’.

19. Be Mine – INFINITE

In their prime, INFINITE were known for performing innovative dance routines such as ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Before The Dawn’. There are plenty of dance tutorials for this choreography on YouTube – and if you’re feeling extra daring you can use other tutorials to learn the tricky scorpio dance from ‘Before The Dawn’.

20. Catallena – ORANGE CARAMEL

ORANGE CARAMEL are no strangers to making captivating and unforgettable songs and dances. Catallena was famous for its introductory screams and its controversial music video message. It’s also a really simple dance to learn!

21. TT – TWICE

Make sure to channel your cutesy side for TWICE’s ‘TT’ – your acting is just as crucial as getting the dance moves right for this routine. TWICE is another group where you can pretty much learn any of their catchy choreographies.

22. Rocking – TEEN TOP

‘Rocking’ is a footwork frenzy – it’s definitely one for the more dedicated or experienced dancer. If you manage to figure out how they’re able to move their feet so fast and replicate it then it’s definitely one to show off to your family and friends once lockdown is over.

23. Miniskirt – AOA

Get your high heels out for this one – but don’t worry, you get to sit down for at least a little bit of it. Just like ‘WiggleWiggle’ this dance is for those of you who prefer slower but more precise sexy dances that will make you feel great about yourself – and that’ll work those leg muscles.

24. Abracadabra – Brown Eyed Girls

‘Abracadabra’s choreography is so notorious in South Korea that it was even referenced in PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ music video and dance routine which also stars kpop veteran Ga In who is a member of Brown Eyed Girls.


Apparently, kpop choreographers like footwork because this one is difficult too. However, there are plenty of tutorials all about the footwork in ‘FICTION’ to make it easier for you.

26. Electric Shock – f(x)

‘Electric Shock’ was choreographed by Jillian Meyers who also worked with f(x) on ‘Pinocchio (Danger)’ and ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ which means that all of these dances are interesting to watch and to learn. The song was so popular that is sold 1,121,472 copies in just three weeks and now it is known all over South Korea.

27. Crazy – 4MINUTE

4MINUTE’s crazy and powerful dance routine isn’t too hard but takes a lot of energy and badass-ery! ‘Crazy’ also made 4MINUTE the first girl group not from the Big 3 (SM, YG or JYP) to reach 100 million views on YouTube.

28. Sorry Sorry – SUPERJUNIOR

Whether you’re a fan of EXO, NCT, SEVENTEEN, The Boyz or girl groups such as LOONA, there’s a version of ‘Sorry Sorry’ that’s perfect for you because so many groups have covered it. The dance was so impactful in the kpop industry that it’s pretty much become a staple for trainees to learn.

29. Me Gustas Tu – GFRIEND

GFRIEND are a girl group known for complex choreographies with dainty but difficult moves that they make look effortless. This is one of the easier ones though so you can try this before moving on to the others.

30. Shine –  PENTAGON

PENTAGON were guaranteed to have an iconic dance on their hand when they incorporated viral moves into it. If you already know how to do the shoot dance then you’re already half way there to knowing this masterful routine.


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