Instead of posting an April Fools joke this year, the Natural History Museum retweeted a Twitter thread of BTS as ammonites from one of their collections.

The thread was originally created by Marie-Claire Eylott who actually works at the museum as its senior sub-editor for all things digital.

Marie-Claire said: “We’ve had a little BTS fan club going for about two months now and I’d been joking that one day I’d do one of those ‘BTS as’ thread memes but about some niche Natural History Museum collection.”

The museum has over two million followers so Marie-Claire’s thread attracted a significant amount of attention as the retweet received over 26 thousand likes and almost eight thousand retweets. Marie-Claire said she’s garnered around 100 new followers from it which almost doubled her follower count.

“I wasn’t expecting so many comments but I had so much fun reading every comment and trying to keep up with replying. It has brought everyone in the department fan club so much joy which was needed, especially in these times.

“As a scientific institution working on issues such as the climate emergency, the museum will sometimes post about controversial topics on social media, so my colleagues expect a certain amount of negativity or push back. But every reply on the ammonite thread was positive, funny and touching.”

Marie-Claire Eylott said she’s received requests for more threads about other Natural History Museum collections.

“When Army love something, they go out of their way to show it!”


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