Check out this week’s music releases from South Korea:

29/03/20 to 04/04/20

29/03/20 BIBI The Sign Big Picture House OST
YUJIHI Love Blossom Love Interference (season 3, reality show) OST
Jukjae Wish Traveler – Argentina OST
Kim Giljoong Stay Unasked Family OST
KUSH Reminisce
COSMOS Swim ft 10 to 4 Swim
FLARE Till We Go
Kang Baeksoo Was It Dream
OOHYO Spring Mixtape
Jeong Yubin Acluistic
NASON Comfortable
ALow yanolja ft Modern Orange, TOYCOIN, Layone
TOYCOIN Room ft GongGongGoo009
Coogie I Made It UP!
30/03/20 Broamiyu Pit a Pat Dear My Colour
H&D Unfamiliar
Suho (EXO) Let’s Love Self-Portrait
KANG Anna Blue Bird
purple cryptid Still Focus the Current
Baek Hyon U Turn
5But White Night
Yang Jin Han A Day in Cry
Mongaif Lover
The Poles The Same
Repenteve Time Doesn’t Wait ft Charsuu
Vovo Weng Parka
Fr2Ger Maniac
Joosuc About Love ft Young Jay
Dino.T Keep Sleeping Keep Sleeping
yourbeagle Nice to Meet You
O’day O$A, Nomad GRANBLUE
31/03/20 HYNN When I Tell You Goodbye When I Tell You Goodbye
Onestar Hello
JUNGL$ 궁금해  /
Lee Gwinhyeong Cobalt Blue
ABTB a-void
Skinnyjoe #333(ME)
Jo Su Yeon Nowhere, But Now Here
miro Hyper Light Drifter
Seul-Gu FLY
Silly Boots Blue Jeans, Barefeet Blue Jeans, Barefeet
Cri De Joie BED ft Rook, Rlervine
LOLLY, Lil 9ap Tears 9.9 Tears9.9/H1Z1
HOON Child
WEN Neutral Feelings
Earboy Falling
jije Just For You Love Me Again
01/04/20 CIX Revival Japanese Single Album
SEVENTEEN Fallin’ Flower Japanese Single Album
AleXa Do or Die Do or Die mini album
Ji Jinseok JUST Half/Half
Kwon Jin Ah Something’s Wrong
TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) Magnolia Reason for being: Benevolence
Solji (EXID) One Day Find Me in Your Memory OST
Juniel Fall In Love Meow, the Secret Boy OST
Various Artists No Matter What 낀대:끼인세대 (web drama) OST
Wanted On a Tearful day
HONGJINYOUNG Life is like a petal
nuri season ft Kim Nami
DeePy, MLI Love And War
Sulgi Curtain
Hwang Ye Together Please
Floating Moments dive
Sikboy GTA Orange County
Liquor Melt My Heart
A-Chess, DJ Tiz Love Freestyle
Make a Movie, Santa Paine Just Like Me PP
PUP Me ft Rose de Penny
02/04/20 Code Kunst Flower / O PEOPLE
Kang Minkyung (DAVICHI) Digital Lover 
ONEWE Q ft Hwasa 3/4
Yeon Kyooseong Now I Know Chosun Fist OST
Yangpa A Memory in My Heart Find Me in Your Memory OST
Heong Hyobean How Can I Love Love Interference (season 3, reality show) OST
Yi Sungyol Till The End Memorist OST
Jinsol (APRIL) I Was Wrong Meow, the Secret Boy OST
ChiVee Lie
Yang GuBeom, Jin SeokGon Red Swan Webtoon Terror Man OST
Radio Paradise The Truth Is
roku knock down
87dance Daydream
INTHEPACK A Sleepless Night
NOAH1LUV We Are ft Koonta
Ayul Where did you go? Whoayul
Flavordash Melted and tricked
0X Pull Up 914
Quxan Mariposa
KozyPop Ddoring KozyTape Pt.10
03/04/20 Bandage Invisibles Square One
LEEWOO 고백 Fatal Promise OST
Kyuhyun (Super Junior) Confession Is Not Flashy Hospital Playlist OST
MJ (ASTRO) 봄날애(愛) Unique! Chef Moon OST
Gree HIM
feeldog Friends ft ZELO, jvde Get some smile
Paloalto, Bully Da Ba$tard THEY say
hyeminsong 200316CALL
YEAR OF THE OX Oxford The Rollout Mixtape
Monello Fallin’ Partition
Lucky Bando Wassup! ft Luci Gang, YungBoi Bash Stockholm Syndrome
Queen WA$ABII Money is my Boo  Spice It Up!
04/04/20 Seungwoo (VICTON) If We Can’t See from Tomorrow Hyena OST
MONSTA X Here We Are MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day (web variety) OST
KLAZY Other People’s Eyes Rugal OST
Josh Daniel Nothing on You The World of the Married OST
GA EUN Stop it! ft Nafla
NeD Blossom
Doyi Lee Jonah Complex
Ludwig 타임라인2019
GI$T JIGAP ft Earboy, Hesscliff
Seo actor and Dept It Was Always Only Me
BIGONE, Tommy Strate f♥ck Flame Blossom
JAEHA STAR Life Like 18



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