It has been a crazy week in the world of K-pop. With various groups doing the tour arounds and the news of comebacks such as Xdinary heroes and of the newest NCT subunit DOJAEJUNG in the spotlight, it has easy to be distracted from all the great releases from over the past week. In this article, we will be covering our top picks of the week you can add to help spice up your playlist.

KARD – Without you 

After nearly a year without a release, KARD would make their first comeback in 2023 this week. The release comes following their fifth mini album ‘RE:’ released in June 2022, where the group marked their return after a two-year break whilst J.seph finished his military enlistment. 

The Co-ed group have been busy touring post-release, travelling across the world. Once again, seeing success throughout Latin America, they would expand this success across America and Asia before most recently performing in Europe at the MIK Day 1 K-pop day in France.

The song features strong vocals from Somin, whose infectious lyrics perfectly match the melodic tones of the song, with Jiwoo’s unique style adding a perfect contrast to the song. Lines in the song are perfectly split between each member, with each getting their own verse, with perfect rap verses by members BM and J.seph tying the song together well.

The song takes inspiration from Latinx music, with a remix of the song mixed by Brazilian DJ Alok available. The release is perfect for anyone looking for a faster upbeat Latin-style song.


Just a week after their pre-album release, ‘Kitsch’ shook the K-pop world. IVE would follow up the single this week, delivering arguably the best album so far. The 11-track album is full of bops, with the title song ‘I AM’ being the cream of the crop.


The song covers the group’s stellar introduction to the K-pop scene and was created to inspire DIVE’s to find the confidence to be themselves. Whilst the music video shots of the group moving throughout the mansion and private jet show the success that can be achieved and that IVE has gained throughout the past year and a half in what has been a dream start to their K-pop careers.

Balming Tiger – SOS

Balming Tiger started 2023 strong when the collective joined to produce ‘Trust Yourself.’ An energetic, feel-good song, all about self-confidence and meaning in the signature playful Balming Tiger style.

The music collective made history this week and, for the first released a song with all 11 members on a single track as they continue to stretch the genre of K-pop with their ‘alternative K-pop’ style. The music video was inspired by director Wong Kar-Wai and was shot in Hong Kong. Whilst the song itself features a strong-electronic style with heavy guitar and bass riffs. The instrumental is perfectly matched by the slow, methodical rap style of the group’s rappers, showing each member’s talent of a collective, with a wide range of talent showcasing a new side to their musical abilities.

Lee Chae Yeon – Knock

In one of the most addicting releases this week, former IZ*One member and lead vocalist Lee Chae Yeon would show what made her place 12 on Produce 48 in her first-ever comeback and second EP ‘Over The Moon.’ 

‘Knock’ is an extremely catchy song, with a great knocking sound used as a basis for the song’s tempo. It’s easy to think the song repeats itself too much, but its simplicity is what makes the song stand out. The beats serve as dance timing, with each movement done to beat it all perfectly suits Lee Chae Yeon’s style. Knock is certain to have you over the moon.


Date Artist Single Album/OST
10th April KARD Without you Without you
Kep1er Giddy Lovestruck!
11th April X:IN Keeping the fire Ready x:in
Balming Tiger SOS SOS
12th April DreamNote Lemonade Secondary Page
David Yong, Moon Byul Maybe Love Maybe Love
Park Ji Hoon Blank effect Blank or Black
Lee Chae Yeon Knock Over The Moon
AP Alchemy  Sweat Sweat
13th April DAWN Dear My Light Dear My Light
Yeeun Strange way to love The Beginning
14th April  Coogie Buck DIFF
JOY, Ha Dong Qn Blue night song Blue night song
16th April BOL4, Minhyun Chase love hard



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