They say that the devil works hard, but idols work harder. Although pumpkin spice season might be enough for most people to take a moment to look at the changing colours of the leaves surrounding them, the releases this week have been hit after hit.

Astro’s debut feels like it was only weeks ago, but it is closing in on almost half a decade since they first graced the stage! It’s got a fun, distinctive hook that diverts the listener’s attention from the increasingly cold and wet weather around. The electronic sound is something found in several songs released this week, suggesting that it is part of an ever-growing trend.

Girls Generation and SHINee are both iconic second generation K-pop groups. In this track, some of their members have joined forces to create a stellar track that is sure to be in orbit on your playlist. It’s a mellow, somber track that really lets Key and Taeyeon’s vocals shine. The melodic guitar loop threatens to make the track sound repetitive and one-note, but it doesn’t. Does it stand out? No, but it’s a great background song nonetheless.

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The DPR gang have gone the extra mile and then some on this track. Kicking off with some Queen-esque harmonies, these are quickly given an electronic twist providing a futuristic quality that would have perked the interested of some executives at Marvel studios. Having a less-known Korean group perform on the soundtrack of a Marvel movie is a clear indicator of the genre’s role on a global platform. It’s nothing short of marvelous.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of recent releases:

Date Single Artist
30th August Outsider BTOB
Hate that… Key from ShinEE ft. Taeyeon
31st August Hola PRITTI-G
Run! Nafla ft. JUSTHIS
1st September    
2nd September Changer A.C.E
Alive Astro
3rd September Diamonds + and Pearls DPR IAN, DPR LIVE, PEACE
Pine Tree Sarang, Oh Hayoung (Apink)
Loop I.M. (Monsta X)

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