Together We Are Stronger

UnitedKpop, since its inception, has been a hub for creatives and consumers of all backgrounds and identities.

As a community of creatives, our team has spanned multiple corners of representation. This had only strengthened our will to advocate for reform and equality in all areas of discrimination, oppression and inequality. 

In our near-decade covering Kpop, UnitedKpop has tackled issues surrounding sexism, homophobia and sexualism, racism, ageism, sizeism and more. We openly discuss mental health, suicide and grief. We aren’t afraid to direct and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions. 

We are always learning, adapting and improving. This often develops through the growth of our team, facing difficult topics, educating each other, and importantly, listening. It also comes from our audience, we see you, we hear you, and we want to reflect each and every one of you in our output and resources. 

Following the death of George Floyd on 25th May 2020, the UnitedKpop team felt angry and upset at the continued injustice and racism faced by fellow human beings around the world, simply for the colour of their skin. It affected us deeply, and we took to our personal social media accounts to express this and support the Black Lives Matter movement. But we neglected our platform at UnitedKpop and didn’t fully realise how important it was for us to project our voices both personally and as a collective. 

Therefore …

We quickly mobilised to create a response that fit our long-held beliefs that could be sustained, could educate and would encourage collaboration and community – and importantly would contribute a voice, no matter how small we sometimes feel. 

This is why we are developing our ‘Together We Are Stronger’ archive.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, we will build a section of our website dedicated to the togetherness and understanding of our community. We have a platform and a voice, and if we can help even one person become more understanding of an issue, we’ve done our job. 

Beginning with our Black Lives Matter archive, we will collate resources for education, activism, donation and solidarity – whether there is a relation to Kpop or not. 

And UnitedKpop is a community. Each section of the archive will allow you to submit further resources, expand our education, and submit perspectives you believe deserve sharing.