H to the O to the- wait, a minute…A few weeks back we reported that Honey G of X-factor had been sharing a name with a K-pop group and narrowly dodged a lawsuit in the process. With all the focus on the X-factor star, we wanted to find out a bit more about the Korean Honey G and their thoughts on the rap extraordinaire. 

Honey G, of the Korean variety, debuted back in 2013 following a stint on the popular reality show, Superstar K4 in 2012. The trio, comprised of Kwon TaeHyun, Park GiYong and Bae JaeHyun, finished 7th in the show after being put through by rapper and then judge, Psy.

Here’s what they had to say themselves —

UKP: Hi there, please introduce yourselves!
HONEY G: Hello On The Radar and UnitedKpop! We are Honey~ G! Once again, we are vocal trio group called Honey G; Kwon TaeHyun, Park GiYONG, and Bae JaeHyun! We started off by participating in Korea’s most famous audition program, SuperStarK4 in 2012. We’ve released 1st album, many OSTs and most recently, a new single called “Don’t wanna be your friend”.

UKP: What is your musical style?
HONEY G: Mostly, we prefer to listen to and perform R&B and soul music, however, every single member has different charms and colors in music so we’ve been able to manage to perform in various genres.

UKP: Tell us about your Superstar K4 experience.
HONEY G: We all met for the very first time through the competition. We’ve learned a lot and experienced many things such as meeting the greatest mentors, meeting fellow musicians, and many good people. 7th place in the whole show was a remarkable result and we can’t thank the people who have support us more! Going through many team missions and meeting on the show together, we three realised that we could make a good team even once the show was over! And here we are still singing together!


Honey G of the X-Factor UK variety.

UKP: What do you think about the X-factor rapper Honey G?
HONEY G: When we released our new single ‘Don’t wanna be your friend’ we tried to look it up on Youtube, and when we typed in Honey G, we found out that there is a rapper called Honey G from X Factor!! It was kind of fun to know there’s another musician using the same name as we are. We’ve watched some of her clips from the show, and we totally respect her passion towards music, and we do support her! Go Honey G!

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UKP: Do you have a message for your UK fans?
HONEY G: Thank you so much for supporting us! We appreciate it a lot! We are going to keep on trying to come up with great music so please look forward to it! If we have a chance, in the future, we would love to visit the UK and throw an awesome concert! We wanna meet you guys, and sing for you guys! It would be such a cool idea if we could do a collaboration performance with rapper Honey G!

Check out the trio’s latest release ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’ and if you would like to send a message to Honey G, leave it in the comments section below!


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