With Eric Nam about to embark on his European tour in June, he sat down with Metro UK for an interview.
In the interview, he discusses his growth as an artist. He describes his struggles with adapting to “Korean” music, saying:
“For the first half of my career, I was very Korean in terms of my music, because that was what I was kind of told I had to be and to do.”
Eric, who was born and raised in the States, continued to say that he is a “pop music guy” at heart, and wanted to make his “own colour as a musician”. Although this brings challenges, this allows him to tour “internationally”.
The interview continues to discuss the growth of the Kpop market, and his growth as a person. You can read his full interview here.
Eric will embark on his European tour in June, beginning in Lisbon. Due to his first London selling out, he added a second a show on 22nd June 2018.
Will you be seeing Eric Nam this summer?

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