Loona’s X X, an album originally released in February, has re-entered UK charts.
Fans grew worried over comeback delays after news of Polaris Entertainment’s debt broke.
On October 17, Seoul courts ordered Polaris Entertainment to pay compensation to global IT company Donuts. This was due to an unreturned lease deposit for Loona, which said to be around 360 million won (around £235,248).
This, as a result, led fans to stream the group’s most recent album X X, so that it would re-enter iTunes charts around the world. As well as their US iTunes no.1, the group topped the charts of multiple European countries. This included Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.

In the UK, the album re-entered the charts, peaking at no.22.

As of 20th October 2019, the group’s album is still in the top 10 of Portuguese iTunes charts, sitting comfortably at no.4.
Let’s hope the fans’ campaign will save the group!

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