Stray Kids continues their European streak with their latest EP, Clé : LEVANTER. With a total of 17 no.1s worldwide, the EP has charted in 12 European countries. This includes four countries at the top spot: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.
As well as this, the group’s EP peaked at no.19 in the UK. Although this is not Stray Kids’ best UK charting – I Am YOU charted at no.10 – it is still a notable achievement.
Clé : LEVANTER is Stray Kids’ sixth EP and their first without Woojin, who chose to leave the group in October. The EP features the title track, Levanter, which marks the end of the group’s “Clé” series, and reflects on their realisations throughout the journey.
Check out the MV below!

Congrats to Stray Kids on their continuing success!

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