MV Monday this week takes a look at the return of BTS with Hormone War. Hormone War captures the attitude of BTS well.

There isn’t much of note regarding the narrative of Hormone War, the interest lies in the the creation of the mv. MV production team ZANYBROS have released behind the scenes clips of BTS making Hormone War, showing off both the skills of the artists and producers.
The first ZB clip shows off how fun filming was, and how well the artists work with their producers. You can even see how simply they get those moving zoom effects.

In their clip from the final scene of Hormone War we get more of an idea how the camera men work, always moving and in sync.
One of the camera assistants even slipped a number of times on the same spot, eventually having to roll out of shot to not ruin the one take. ZANYBROS shared that even BTS had to control their want to laugh to complete their shot.

Follow ZANYBROS on facebook and you’ll find a whole host of behind the scenes goodies from their expansive list of mv creations.


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