American fashion designer Alexander Wang showed off his Fall/Winter line up for 2016 recently. The soundtrack used on the runway features a song by G-Dragon, M.I.A and Baauer!

As many of you are likely already aware, G-Dragon has a heavy involvement in the industry of high fashion, and is often spotted at all the world’s biggest fashion events. He was present at the last Paris Fashion Week and even released his own footwear brand with Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti late last year.

MIA is a British-born rapper that has made waves with her music all over the world. She is known for her flamboyant and daring fashion that matches her attitude and music. Two of her best known tracks in the mainstream are “Paper Planes” and “Bad Girls“.

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And finally, Baauer is an American music producer, though he also spent a portion of his childhood living in both Germany and Britain. He is probably best known for creating the hit that is the ‘Harlem Shake’ which became a viral craze back in 2013 and had people from all over the world videoing their humourous dance moves to the track.

The track created by the three artists is entitled: “Temple”. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.

As a little bonus, you can see one of Teen Top’s various funny attempts at the Harlem Shake below:

Teen Top Harlem Shake Ver. 2


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