There’s just a few short hours left until Valentine’s Day, which is also celebrated in Korea by loved-up couples, although the format is a wee bit different from ours. Women are the only gift-givers in Korea, as the guys have to give back a month later on March 14th. In fact, Korea has 12 semi-official ‘couple’ days where love is celebrated in some form, and presents are exchanged between couples or friends. Handily, they’re all on the 14th. Here’s a run-down:

January 14th – Diary day
Exchange a diary or planner with your honey (or bestie) and note any upcoming dates or anniversaries.

February 14th – Valentine’s Day
Also known as Red Day. Women give guys in their life chocolates, and other gifts. They give not just to boyfriends and husbands, but male co-workers and even male family members expect to get some treats. Small, inexpensive treats for these guys are ok; Ferrero Rocher is a good choice (and always handy for those ambassador’s receptions).
If you seriously want to woo, Jubilee Chocolate near Hyehwa station is a good shop to visit. They’ll customise a box of chocs with his name. Sweet.

March 14th – White Day
Men give women sweets (usually not chocolate) in return for their Valentine’s gifts. Colourful Chupa Chups bouquets are apparently a bestseller. Take a look at some of the yummy stuff for sale on this blog. Jewelry is also a common gift for girls. Cottiny is a cute and popular brand that also has a range of sweet-themed necklaces.

April 14th – Black Day
A day for the singletons to go goth, wear black, and eat jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) just like Eun Chan in Coffee Prince.

May 14th- Rose Day or Yellow Day
Exchange roses with your loved ones or friends, eat yellow curry if you are single, and wear yellow to attract a lover!

June 14th – Kiss Day
A day to innocently leave some cappuccino foam on your upper lip in the hope of someone taking the hint.

July 14th – Silver Day
Exchange silver jewelry or rings with your honey.

August 14th – Green Day/Music Day
No, not THAT Green Day – but that would be a brilliant combination!
Show your support for the environment by hiking or strolling around the park with your honey. Wear green. If you’re single, head out and drink soju (which comes in a green bottle, of course).
Music fans should head to a norebang (karaoke room) and sing.

September 14th – Photo Day
A good day for getting a selca (selfie) with your honey, or an official couple photo at a studio. Or why not recreate a scene from your favourite K-drama on set like this couple from Hong Kong?

October 14th – Wine Day
A good excuse to drink wine, with or without a honey to help you.

November 14th – Movie Day/Cookie Day
Head to the cinema or curl up with a DVD and watch a movie today. Give cookies to loved ones.

December 14th – Hug Day
Does someone need a hug? Deliver it today. K-drama fans can practice the backhug.


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