Debuting in 2022 NoSo is one of the industry’s rising stars touring 30 dates in the US and the UK. The 25-year-old American-born musician made their debut in July last year through the album ‘Stay Proud of Me’ after graduating from USC Music School.

Created during lockdown. The album follows the life stories of NoSo as a non-binary Asian growing up in 2000s Chicago. Opening up to The Line of Best Fit in 2021 after the release of her single ‘Suburbia’ she talked about her experience in middle school being Asian and part of the LGBTQIA+ Community, “Throughout middle school and early high school, I was teased for being Asian and queer (even though I was closeted). I was called ‘lesbian’ as a slur, girls asked me out as a joke, etc, it was heinous.”

‘Suburbia’ features second on the album. The song speaks from the perspective of an older NoSo looking back on their childhood growing up and trying to discuss themselves in a time of confusion. Whilst the Official Video sees NoSo travelling back to their former self, spending time and being an inspiration they never had.

Led by the title song, ‘Parasites.’ NoSo once again tells their story of feeling in the wrong body. With the music video directed by NoSo, they would state on Instagram after the release that “the music video follows little noso going through the motions of femininity uncomfortably, then trying on their dad’s gigantic suit and feeling seen for the first time.” The Video shows their experience of finding comfort in male clothing and finding newfound confidence in themselves. The album consists of 8 other songs, each discussing different stages of life and dysphoria.

Post-release NoSo has gained traction, being named on the Guardian One to Watch and interviewed by the likes of NPR and The Line Of Best Fit NoSo has slowly been gaining recognition, even getting their own Tiny Desk session on the hit NPR music segment. The artist has gained a wide diverse fanbase touring all across the US and the UK. 

They would once again return to the UK in March 2023, selling out Omera in London and performing in Manchester. NoSo opened up about fan interactions and the emotions felt by fans resenting with their songs.

NoSo has also seen success getting nominated for the best Pop record and Video of the year at the Libera Awards 2023. They have also become one of the faces of Spotify’s Glow playlist, a Spotify-made playlist highlighting songs and artists from the LGBGTQIA+, even being invited to the first-ever glow session.

NoSo, is an inspiration to the non-binary community, becoming “the kind of artist I needed as a kid; I hope others feel like their stories are being represented through the music as well,” as she would say to the line of best fit. NoSo has done all those in the LGBTQIA+ community, and with honest personal songs, the future is bright for this Korean-American artist.



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