The UK based newspaper included a piece about the South Korean group that practically took over 2017 in yesterday’s publication. It drew in some of the highlights of BTS last year, citing their domination on many international charts asides from UK artist Ed Sheeran.

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The Big Hit group is now regarded as being hugely successful by flying up to previously uncharted grounds on streaming sites such as Spotify and iTunes. They were #1 with ‘Love Yourself ‘Her” in over 50 countries including the UK and secured places on over 70 iTunes charts with the Steve Aoki remix of ‘Mic Drop’, which only goes to show their exponential growth in global recognition.

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The London Evening Standard went on to rightly describe BTS as a “highly polished phenomenon”. Though, they’re already made their mark in the UK with the support of their devoted fans. We look forward to seeing where 2018 will take BTS and the heights they will continue to climb!

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