Big Marvel, the South Korean YouTube star, who is famously known for rubber chicken acts, is a popular star on social media. His main YouTube channel, Big Marvel has already accumulated over 200 million views which continues to rise each day. Big Marvel is been known to cover numerous of hit tracks, from K-POP tunes to mainstream English top hits! Though he is known for his rubber chicken covers, he has begun to expand on his videos, ranging from adding backup dancers to his rubber chicken videos, or even feature another artist.

However, despite his hilarious rubber chicken covers which he began to release as of 3 months ago, he has previously showcased his wonderful talents through a number of instruments. Some more peculiar than others. Big Marvel doesn’t limit himself to just one instrument, with comparisons of the same instrument, it’s interesting to watch what the results may be from an expensive instrument to a cheaper version. Watch below to see what happens when you compare a $1 piano to a $1000 piano.

Another of Big Marvel’s talents is showcased below. He presents a talent which is peculiar, taking a calculator and using it to create rhythms and melodies. For this particular video, he uses calculators to produce the melodies which replicate the popular western hit, ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello.

He’s also collaborated with a number of Korean female YouTube singers who attempt to not laugh whilst they sing their song whilst the chicken plays the other. It can be determined as quite a challenge knowing you cannot laugh whilst listening to the sound of the chicken – You’re probably wondering how Big Marvel manages to keep such a straight face through all of his pieces. Check out his cover of Charlie Puth’s ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, featuring blue.d!

However, Big Marvel actually began as a YouTuber who uploaded under the name StimMercy. He began his video-creating career by releasing beatboxing videos. He is also known as Lil Marvel, whilst also collaborating with the likes of Stim Boi to form the duo, Stim Marvel.

Despite being known best as Big Marvel, which is his main channel, he also has a number of other alternative channels, from Marvel Blue which was previously named Stim Mercy, his channel collaboration with Stim Boi, known as Stim Marvel, and finally 릴마블Show, totalling up to 4 channels. On his final channel mentioned, he showcases a number of his talents which aren’t limited to just beatboxing but also rapping, vocals and flute playing.

Big Marvel’s main YouTube was created as of March 2017, with some of his older releases including a beatboxing rendition of BLACKPINK’s ‘As If It’s Your Last’ and a mashup of TWICE songs (including ‘TT’ & ‘Signal’), as well as Bolbbalgan’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be right to not include a solo rendition of Big Marvel’s notable talents. His famous chicken performances! His most popular upload on YouTube featuring his chicken is none other than his chicken band ver of Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’. The upload itself has received over 35 million views.

If you have become more interested in his peculiar talents, don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channels, and social media links to be updated on his latest updates!



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