2018 was an incredible year for Blackpink – they released their first mini album and had a worldwide hit with “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.

One of their more unexpected triumphs was their collaboration with British singer Dua Lipa. The song “Kiss and Make Up” was released in October on the deluxe version of Lipa’s debut album.

With the combination of Blackpinks growing fanbase and Lipa’s worldwide star power, it isn’t surprising that this song did well around the world. The song debuted at number 36 in the UK, which made Blackpink the first Kpop girl group to reach the top 40.

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Three months after its release, the song has been revealed to have broken another record in Europe. It has been announced that “Kiss and Make Up” is the longest-reigning Top 50 hit ever by a Kpop in Ireland. And the songs success doesn’t stop there as the Official Irish Chart twitter page also said that the song is climbing the singles chart again!

Congrats to Blackpink and Dua Lipa. Here’s to hoping for another successful year for both artists.


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