GOT7’s latest mini-album, Call My Name, is breaking their own records in Europe.
As of 22:00 BST on the day of release, the mini-album topped the charts in 28 countries. This includes five European countries: Poland, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, and Sweden.
As well as this, the mini-album did not chart lower than no.15 in Europe, with its lowest charting being in Germany at no.13.
In the UK, the group achieved its best-ever debut. The album peaked at no.5 for most of the day and has only now dropped to no.6. This is an amazing feat for GOT7, whose previous mini-album peaked at no.13 in the UK.
GOT7’s comeback marks the end of the European leg of their latest world tour, “Keep Spinning”. This makes their European success no surprise to fans.
Check out the mini-album’s title track, You Calling My Name, below. The MV is trending in the UK at no.16!

Congratulations to GOT7s on their European success!

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