GFRIEND has revealed who they’ve worked with for their next mini-album!
On 5th July, the girl group unveiled the tracklist for their 10th mini-album, “回: Song of the Sirens”. The tracklist revealed the numerous European producers and artists involved in its production.
Two British composers, Richard Phillips and Hannah Robinson, gained their first Kpop credits. The pair worked alongside Pdogg, “hitman” bang and more for the girls’ title track, “APPLE”. Also listed in the credits are members Eunha and Yuju.
The second song, “눈의 시간” (Snow Time), features the work of Mike Macdermid, Charlotte Churchman and David Brant. Mike Macdermid and David Brant previously worked together on LOONA’s “Stylish”.
As well as this, this mini-album sees the return of three producers and composers.
Caroline Gustavsson, who worked on GFRIEND’s “Glow”, worked on the third song “Mirror Room”. The Swedish singer has produced songs for a number of Kpop groups, including Oh My Girl, SHINee and Afterschool.
Also returning are London singers Sophia Pae and Val De Prete. The pair worked together to create the mini-album’s fourth song, “Tarrot Cards”.
Val Del Prete previously worked on “Glow” with Gustavsson, and has composed songs for TWICE, CRAVITY and more. Sophia Pae worked on the girls’ last title track, “Labyrinth”, and has worked with multiple Kpop artists, including SF9, Miss A and NCT.
You can listen to a preview of all the songs below!

GFRIEND will return on July 13th with “回: Song of the Sirens”.
Which song are you most looking forward to on the mini-album?

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