SF9 are the group that keeps on giving. Released at the start of the week, their latest mini-album “9loryUS” and title track ‘Summer Breeze’ show the group’s talents once again.

Leading the album, “Summer Breeze” is a bop. The soundscape is emphasised by the group’s vocals and rapping, leaving listeners completely hooked. The most catchy part of the song is the chorus, especially the last line “The summer fragrance makes me dance”.

The members look radiant in the actual music video. It’s an interesting fusion of a typical mafia-esque film and summer complete with flowery shirts, flowers, and fresh outfits – but let’s not forget the luxury car, motorbike and guns.

Meanwhile, “Into The Night” was worlds away from this song, with calming instrumentals and vocals giving the song a soft and sweet vibe. Likewise, the vocals in “OK Sign” to listen to, with the whispering parts giving listeners some seriously soothing ASMR.

“All Day All Night” is the perfect soundtrack to the summer season. It’s an ear worm that will have you wanting to dance whilst also being a great addition to your chill playlist.

“Go High” is a lethal track, thanks to its electrifying beats. This song is one for concerts as it’s bound to have people not just dancing, but also jumping along to.

And finally, SF9 wouldn’t end 9loryUS without a bang. After a mix of high-energy tracks and summer anthems, the group then brings the album to a close with the last track “My Story, My Song”. This heartwarming song promises fans that the boys will continue to be with them.

If you haven’t already listened to the album, you definitely should.

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