Kpop used their social media power for good this week!
On Wednesday, Kpop fans took over the #WhiteLivesMatter in a campaign to end racism. The move came as people around the round expressed solidarity for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Posting fancams meant Kpop fans could bury any racist and offensive posts that the hashtag had been intended for.
Despite the majority supporting this move, some still criticised the encouragement of the trend.
“We know that’s it no intent to harm but to be frank, this essentially does harm the message,” said activist Kenidra Woods, “We use hashtag to keep ppl updated. PLS stop using the hashtag for black images!!”
Kpop fans also flooded the iWatch Dallas app with fancams on Tuesday after the police department called for people to send videos of “illegal activity from the protests”. The app has since been taken down.
The murder of George Floyd by US police has sparked protests against racism and the police killings of black Americans. These protests have expanded to outside the US, with demonstrations in London on Wednesday. With all four police officers arrested and charged, people around the world continue to campaign for the lives of many others who have suffered similar fates.
In light of this, we at UKP stand those fighting against racism. Our plan is to dedicate this weekend to creating content in support of #BlackLivesMatter. We hope to create a long-term, sustainable plan so that we can continue educating ourselves and our audience on racial harmony and equality.

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