Today’s Weekly Idol is about new vocal group Timber.

Consisting of members Dabin, K. Brown and Tenny, this trio debuted in October 2013 under the company A+Gmodes with the song 3 Days which speaks about the strong effects of a couple’s break-up.

Here is the official MV for their debut single

A live performance of Nothing With Love with Dahye of BESTie

K. Brown covering Win by Brian McKnight

Tenny covering Park Hyo Shin‘s Wild Flower. Original version is here if you are curious.

This is a ballad cover of EXO‘s Overdose by Dabin. It surprisingly works to good effect. If EXO ever slowed this song down to a smooth jazz sound, it could end up like this.

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Why I chose Timber as Weekly Idol

Timber sound like an incredibly promising group. Their vocals blend so well together and give me goosebumps when they sing. I can only imagine the power their voices would bring in a live performance. If they manage to collaborate with other notable vocalists who share a similar range of notes it’ll be quite a treat. I anticipate good things for this vocal trio.


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