Those who followed the first season of ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ or are fans of ‘Lucky J’ would know that Jessi has recently released a single entitled ‘Ssenunni’ – which means ‘tough unnie/sister’.

This single was actually mentioned on UnitedKpop Hot Picks this week, which is a new addition to the articles that selectively picks out any interesting news, this is posted every Sunday. You can check out ;ast week’s Hot Picks article here.

If you haven’t already checked it out, the MV is below!


The Song

In all honesty, this was the kind of song I would expect to hear from Jessi. From her appearance in the hip hop orientated television show ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, she seemed to keep to herself, not bothering to mingle with the other contestants – if anything from her own very well known quote – ‘We are not a team, this is a competition’. There’s some references made to her lyrics used in JYP’s ‘Whose Your Mama?’ the section of which is included below.

Even when I see me, I can see the superior genes
that’s right got my space jams on super fly
Everyone asks me
Who’s your mama? Who who?
They hashtag Jessi sexy
In a taxi that only takes boy toys
The winner is already named in this competition
Even men get scared, Ronda Rousey

There’s definitely one thing that I like about Jessi, it’s her voice. You’ll find some female idol rappers might have a soft or high pitched voice, but those who aren’t familiar with Jessi they would be pleasantly surprised of her low, growling tones.

This leads onto my next point, with rappers who refer to themselves as ‘tough’, you would expect to hear them boasting about their distinctive characteristics traits that make them unique, Jessi says in her lyrics – regardless of how she acts, people will still acknowledge her beauty.

Whatever I wear
Even if I swear
No matter what people say about me
Then still look at me like
Ah so pretty, ah ah, ah so pretty, ah so pretty, ah so pretty
When they see me, they go
Ah so pretty, ah ah, ah so pretty
Even when I see me, I go

Normally on Korean television shows, especially those which include idols, they give of the impression of the importance of respectfulness and how cautious they are with stepping out of line. Being a contestant on a show like ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, however we saw an indifferent and no-nonsense taking attitude from Jessi. Despite this, that was only one side of her personality and character, it could be said that she wasn’t the most friendiest person on that show – but given the nature of the rapping programme, it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. She bluntly questions the listeners on judging her or looking down on her and relents that she will find success in her life.

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Who are you to judge me?
This is my moment, whatever I do I succeed
Who are you to judge me?
This is my stage, whatever I do I succeed

The Music Video

Within the first few seconds, we see Jessi strutting around and posing by an expensive vehicle. She looks ready to go in for the kill in this music video. Before long, the track changes its tune as the scene changes to a boxing ring with Jessi moving around with every scrap of confidence.

Like any other sport, boxing can be considered to be a method of symbolizing strength , especially as she is seen later winning a match over the other guy as she grins in evident triumph. Then, it cuts to another scene which shows Jessi casually strolling through a lone shopping aisle with products endorsing her name and the song title ‘Ssenunni’, which suggests that she’ll be successful.

Overall, there was definitely an emphasis on raising the bar of fierceness, which I find to be a pleasant change with other K-pop group comeback songs that try to mimic the ‘tough’ concept.


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