SM’s hottest girl group, Red Velvet, are back with their third mini album ‘Russian Roulette’. This is a sweet selection of fun tracks with a very interesting retro sound throughout.

‘Russian Roulette’ is the title track of the album that reveals another side to the group. Russian Roulette has such a unique sound and a chorus you’ll find stuck in your head for weeks. This fresh concept and sound rewarded the girls with first place on pretty much every music show. Give Red Velvet a beat and they will deliver an experimental track with the slickest performance. Who knew we’d be getting another killer comeback just months after their last? Russian Roulette stands at number one on the Red Velvet chart.

‘Lucky Girl’ oozes harmonious vocals and an upbeat retro sound.  This is the song that perfectly blends every member’s vocals into a tidy four minute track. It feels like SM gave Red Velvet a SNSD Lion Heart makeover with the sweet ‘shooby-doo-wops’ and it is just what we needed to see them do next!

‘Bad Dracula’ is a fun, upbeat track about a dracula who doesn’t want to be bad! The blood? Yeah, that stuff is ketchup. It’s a really great song and has some of the greatest lyrics in a K-Pop track. Hilarity aside, it is a really well produced song. The sax breaks in the melody are perfect and, like with all RV songs, this is perfectly suited to a pre-night out party!

‘Sunny Afternoon’ is a simple, melodic track that feels much like a filler in the mini album. While it doesn’t add much to the album as a whole, it is a relaxing track and shows off their vocal talents as a group. Yeri surprises us with a rap! The maknae is becoming a triple threat!

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‘Fool’ is a romantic song with an acoustic vibe. The song begins with the raw sound of an acoustic guitar and the soft vocals of Seulgi. It is a ‘sway along and sing if you know the lyrics’ sort of track that you could see being sang around a campfire or in a spring-time park. It’s a super-sweet track about falling in love and being nervous about falling so quickly.

‘Some Love’  is a summer hit! It feels like a party track that should be played at a full-moon party on the beach after sunset. The sound is really relevant in pop music at the moment with the electronic dance vibes and drum beat. The song doesn’t feel like a Red Velvet track which makes them all the more talented. They can pull of any style!

‘My Dear’ is the final track on the mini album but doesn’t disappoint! Think 90s pop mixed with SNSD debut days and this is the song! It’s a perfect track to close the album and it leaves you wanting more. This retro sound comes so naturally to Red Velvet and it’s interesting to see it experimented with harmonies, rap breaks and a mix of genres.

This is a fantastic mini album and needs to be listened to non-stop! Pause Russian Roulette and feast your senses on this mini album in its entirety… and repeat until the next comeback…



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