One of the reigning queens of K-Pop recently had her second comeback of the year with her 9th studio album ‘Woman‘, it’s none other than BoA! With around a close estimate of twenty years experience in the entertainment industry under her belt, there’s no doubt that the veteran icon has still got it.

The title track already speaks for itself, it’s speaks volumes of BoA being proud and unapologetic for being a  woman. Even in this day and age, with the topic of double standards of how men and women are viewed by society, there’s a distinct difference in strictness when it comes to the latter. Throughout her solo career, BoA was transformed into a pivotal strong figure and her fans looked up to her with great respect. With casual confidence in her voice as she croons with her soft vocals in this catchy song, she doesn’t allow her light to dim because of how others perceive her, and instead glows brighter.

One main aspect that we picked up from the M/V is the contrasting fashion choices and concepts, this could point to the idea that no matter what she’s dressed in, from high class to street style, she can pull it off effortlessly. It’s great to see a positive message being highlighted, to not allow yourself to be suppressed by society but instead use it as an opportunity to thrive and push away the fear of living your best life. BoA showcases her bold and chic attitude with this  strong female anthem. As a whole, the M/V is a celebration of women and that’s certainly a wholeheartedly welcomed concept.

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