Stray Kids never fail to deliver. Released at the start of the month, their latest mini-album “5-Star” and title track ‘S-Class’ show the group’s talents once again, solidifying their superstar status.

Leading the album, “S-Class” is a bop. Singing about how second-to-none they are, the confidence exuded is backed by strong vocal performances and crazy beat switches.

However it’s “Hall of Fame” that gets things off to an upbeat start, combining R&B with trap metal to create a fast-paced beat.

The group also go hard in the hip hop track “ITEM”, owning their style and recounting their tale from zeros to heroes.

In the English track “Super Bowl” – which was originally titled “God’s Menu” the band takes pride in their content and style.

“TOPLINE” is gives off old-school hip-hop vibes, with the group comparing their ambition to drawing a line on the top. Meanwhile, “DLC” (Dance Like Crazy) is song with that combines Eurodance and house music, telling listeners to leave any worries behind by dancing.


“GET LIT” is all about letting loose but staying mindful, escaping from monotony of daily life. “COLLISION” on the other hand is an jazzy R&B track, with lyrics that hope to reconcile with a previous love interest.

“FNF” (fauna and flora) is the group’s tribute to the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season, a song which expresses a feeling of regret and longing accompanied with an EDM sound. The ballad, “Youtiful” discourages feelings of self-doubt and preaches self-love, showing fans warm and comforting support.

 The last two tracks on the album give off a different vibe. Whilst the “THE SOUND” continues to showcase the group’s confidence and attitude toward their music, it is more of an electronic rock track. Finally, the album closes with “Mixtape: Time Out”, a pop rock track, reminiscing about their trip to Gangwon-do.

If you haven’t already listened to the album, you definitely should.

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