Hey there, Kpop fans! This month we’ll be giving away a copy of the gold version of G Dragon’s One of a Kind album!
Something you’re interested in? Then follow the instructions below for your chance of winning.

  1. Make sure you’ve liked the UnitedKpop Facebook page.
  2. Be sure that you’re following us on Twitter.
  3. Comment on this article with your name and Twitter handle and why you want to win the album!

Please note that the winner will be announced on Friday 31st of January, so you have a week to enter this giveaway!

Pretty simple, right?
Good luck!

Ashleigh Gregory

Ashleigh Gregory

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  • Bethany

    Bethany Corton
    My twitter –> @crazytobenormal

  • :)

    The reason why I wanna win this album? Cause this album is downright AWESOME! It’s got the upbeat songs like Crayon and One of a Kind that makes you wanna go crazy and dance! Then there’s his single That XX where GD simply sings to show that he truly is a musician. Although my favourite song from the album was actually light it up! its got such an awesome beat to it. 🙂 Thanks UnitedKpop for offering the chance to win this album. 😀

  • Sophia cx

    Sophia Tang

    I want to win because I really appreciate the music of G-Dragon, he has his own style of music which attracts me to his songs. I am envious of his talent, becoming a star at such a young age, someone who is a inspiration to others. I would love to have the opportunity to get the prize to be able to physically appreciate his work, unfortunately for me, my parents don’t allow me to get merchandise such as CDs, so I would never have the chance. Thank you ever so much UnitedKpop for giving us this opportunity to win~ PS: My favourite song from this album would have to be That XX c’:

  • Bella

    I wanna win cause he has so much talent and adds his own style and twist to all his songs!
    And it’s always hard for me to buy any kpop stuff so winning this would be awesome:’)

  • Ziggy

    Zoe Hill


    I want to win this album because it has a place to fill in my Big Bang/solo album collection because I’ve had to hold back from buying kpop albums while I have had more rational things to spend my money on as a student.
    I feel this album was one of those ‘they went off the rails’ albums. I feel like GD really just wanted to go all out and a bit crazy and many people found it hard to appreciate the album and were scared off but there are some real gems of songs on that album.
    Plus, the design, graphics and concept of the album in it’s physical form give off gothic and dark vibes, which would be an excellent contrast to most of the bubble gum coloured kpop albums out there!

  • Mamuna Akthar

    Name: Mamuna Akthar

  • Sacha Mccormack

    Sacha McCormack
    I would like to win this album because G-Dragon is one of my favourite solo artists and I think this album is amazing. The released songs were amazing and the album ones even more so (especially Missing You). I think this is definite must have in a k-pop collection (although unable to get it yet lol).

  • Karla Bergado

    Karla Bergado

    I’d want to win this album because the album just contains some of those songs where you can relate to plus, G-dragon is just sooo awesome! Still can’t believe I missed him when he went to London last year, especially when I found out he filmed there for his ‘Crooked’ mv :'( :'(

  • Hannah

    Hannah Crozier

    I would like to win this album because i’m a student and can’t afford k-pop cd’s at the moment and i love GD!

  • Amber Howlett

    Amber Howlett

    Because I don’t have ANY K-pop CDs 🙁

  • KeyaLocket

    Iqra Mirza

    That album is pure gold. ^,^

  • vvip

    Onicah Singo

    Im like the biggest bigbang fan but im too poor to buy cds/albums 🙁 #thestruggleisreal

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca Woods

    I would love to own an album like this but I can’t afford them as I am a student. I love Big Bang and GD and would love this album to start off a (hopefully) large collection 😀

  • Ji Min

    Kiera Townsend

    i would love to win this because my friend is a massive fan of GD and neither of us can afford to buy the album so i would love to give this to her as a gift 🙂

  • M Klimova

    Maria Klimova

    Never won a CD giveaway before 🙂 I really like the music GD produces, there is always so much meaning and symbolism behind it. It would be great to have his CD. Congrats to the lucky winner, whoever it will be!

  • Misa Jocket

    María José Abellán López

    I’d like to win this giveaway for some reasons, but mainly because I love GD and this album is perfect, but unfortunately I don’t have any GD/Big Bang albums and I’d love to have this! ;u; Also, my sister is a big fan of him and I’m pretty sure she would die if she had his album lol c:

  • Pao Selector

    Paola Ordóñez Báez


    That’s a amazing album i love every song on it. specially “Missing you”.

  • Elizabeth (๑ⁿ▽ⁿ๑)

    Name : Elizabeth Natallia
    Twitter acc : @lizanatallia
    I want to win the album because I am a VIP! I really love BIG BANG and my bias in BIG BANG is GD ♥ I really want this album but I don’t have enough money to buy it. So I hope, I can be the winner of this giveaway ^^ If I win, this album will be one of the greatest gift in my life ♥ Thank you for making the giveaway ^^

  • tika

    Swostika Pun
    I really want to win this album because GD is an artist that I respect a lot and since I’m a student #brokelife it is XD and we international kpop fans really appreciate giveaways especially kpop albums as we can’t easily buy them from our local music store so thank you 😀

  • Zaze

    Zazie Tuson
    I would love to win this album because GD makes the most original, inspiring music in all of Kpop. I’m a VIP but I’m devastated that I don’t have any of his albums yet, and in my opinion, One of a Kind is his best!

  • ana hasanah

    Ana Hasanah

    Thank you for doing this giveaway, I really want this album cause this album is very daebak. his album and songs concept are totally drive me crazy. and this album is one of a kind album in the world (?) So Please give this album to me. I beg you . Saranghae

  • Esha EunHae

    Name: Esa Maharani

    Twitter: @donghaesha8692

    The most common reason, I wanted this album because I wanted to complete my GD album collection. But actually, I only have one GD album, Coup D’etat, and even then I got it also from the giveaway. That’s why I have other reasons besides the general reasons above. Because I think I have some sort of weird(?) relationship with GD. I think GD gave me a lot of luck lately. And if I get this album, then you also will be the one that helps me to be lucky, and it’s all because of GD. I just love him for all the good luck! ^o^

    I have liked the facebook page and followed the twitter for a long time, so don’t worry #LOL Thanks for this giveaway. Good luck everyone! ^o^

  • Sumeya Ahmad

    name is sumeya ahmad twitter is @SumeyaAhmad

    i want to win this because i got all of bigbang album including solos execpt top and daesung i got the bronze version of one of kind and yh one again im a massive VIP


    Name: Siana Koleva
    Twitter: @senshinee:disqus

    I want to win becasue i’ve wanted this album for a really long time, but never had the chance to get it. I love the concept and all of the songs. The album is just perfect and so is GD ^-^

  • Bee

    Name: Viatriz Clavel

    Twitter: kneecool_

    I’d love to win the CD because GD have helped me through my rough times, whenever I feel down I just listen to his song/s and always cheer me up also he is the first kpop idol that made me love the kpop genre and I admire him as an artist; as he have produce songs for Bigbang and also help produce songs for his members and that is why I adore him so much cause of his talent as an artist and his reputation as the leader. He inspired me to do what I enjoy passionately 🙂

  • Nazurah Asaraf

    Nazurah Asaraf

    I’d love to win this album! I am part VIP (in which Big Bang is one of my favourite groups). I personally went to the Big Bang concert here in the UK about 2 years ago? It was a blast. Unfortunately my wallet limited me to only buying a seating ticket but I had so much fun anyway! I genuinely felt like I lost 1-2kg that night from just dancing to their music (I literally did not sit down at all throughout those 2 hours plus)

    My bias in Big bang i can honestly say is G-dragon, which is why i’m jumping into this opportunity for this giveaway! You can say Big bang is not in that many variety shows as most other groups, so what attracted me to G-dragon was his musicality. I love the beats to his song, and the different genres he encompasses in any song which is hard to find in Kpop/Korean Music. The song Without You and That XX gave me chills (the way his vocals are able to convey emotions that many of us could relate to). Then the songs such as Crayon and One of a Kind has those addicting beats which makes it impossible to not nod and dance along with it. The fact that he takes part in the production of his own songs makes me love him even more. This album is the just one of the many proofs of his talent as a musician.

    (Of course his personality is a bonus, having watched him in Weekly Idol, Running Man etc, he is the sweetest) I am very limited in my kpop collection because of the cash of course. It would be great and really nice if I could physically appreciate this album and its amazing artworks too. Thank you for this opportunity UnitedKpop! ^.^ x

  • kami latite

    Karima Elghaly

    First i wanna thank u for this giveaway & opportunity for fans to win theyr favorite artist’s album!

    Rather than stating why i wanna win GD’s album, i want to tell my story as a kpoper and an avid GD/BIG BANG fan!

    5 years ago i was just a lost teenager hating everybody, angry all the time with bad grades & the list go on..
    One day i discovered the magic land of kpop! It was the day all my life changed and im greatfull for that!
    While knowing more and more kpop bands and artists i came across big bang & GD especially; aside from being a multi-talended boys with amazing voices, great musical sense & extremely fun & humble personnalities; they taught me a lot of things: passion, determination & the hard work in order to reach ur dreams!

    Since then i become a hardcore VIP hwo’s seeing life from an optimist point of view and ready to take life’s challenges with a big smile.

    All these years i dedicated myself to stick to them and support them with all my heart. BUT unfortunately that was it!
    I always saw fans enjoying buying theyr albums/posters/goodies & even attending theyr concerts! Sharing they’r artists passion & good times!
    All this while i could only watch & envy those lucky fans for owning all those amazing stuffs i couldnt get!

    If u wonder why im such unlucky fan then blame it all of me being born in the other half of the globe, in a country where there are no kpop shops or anything related at all! & even if i wanted to buy online its too expensive with all the shipping costs & most importantly i needed bank acc wich i dont have unfortunately! *sigh*

    Seeing this giveaway gave me a great hope that one day i can own my favorite artist’s album! Especially ONE OF A KIND wich i love sooooo much !!

    I really hope to win this; it’ll be like a dream come true for me ! It’ll give a poor miserable fan great happiness!

    Ps: im sorry for the English mistakes its not my first language i did a great effort to convey my feelings so i hope it reach u.

    Thank u ^^

  • Glenwin Ebreo

    Name: Glenwin Ebreo
    Twitter: @glen_you_win

    Winning this album would be nice because GD’s music in this album really helped solidify whether or not I would love K-Pop. I got my start in K-Pop almost 2 years ago now with SHINee, but GD’s music struck a chord with me and helped me see the different colors of KPop in the songs. His style and compositions really inspires me to be a better performer. His eccentricities are very influential in my style today and One Of A Kind is a great album with an awesome message to be true to yourself and stay original. 🙂
    Also, one of the things I love about KPop is the unique album packaging. GD is one of the few who can pull off packaging their albums in a holy book sort of way, and I really admire him for that.
    Being a performer, I see music as my textbook to study from, and GD’s album, packed in such a way, is definitely required reading for all those who wanna see what other sides of KPop is out there!
    Thank you for this giveaway, I wish everyone the best of luck! 😀

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