Hello again, kpop fans! Today we’re back with this month’s giveaway. You might have guessed from the title, but this month we’re giving away something a little different from last month – a little selection of goodies from Etude House!

The selection includes some nail accessories, a pearl face mask, a peach hand cream and a few makeup samples among other things.

If you’re interested in winning this mini-haul of Etude products, all you have to do is follow these steps:-

  1. Make sure you’ve liked the UnitedKpop Facebook page.
  2. Be sure that you’re following us on Twitter.
  3. Comment on this article with your name and Twitter handle and why you want to win!


The winner will be announced at 6.30pm on Friday 28th February, so you have until 6pm on that day to enter! Good luck, and I’ll see you guys on Friday!

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Ashleigh Gregory

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  • Briony Dunbar

    I really really love Korean cosmetics but I rarely get the chance to buy them because importing can be so expensive 🙁 So it would be really cool to win 😀 @chigaunda

  • Christine Hardie

    Twitter name is gunheenim and I want to win because I want to try etude house products~

  • toffeeXDBSK

    Sophie Goldblum toffeexDBSK I would loveee some etude house stuff ^_^

  • Michelle Tran

    Hi..! My name’s Michelle Tran @michelletran23 I’ve never entered a competition before.. so I thought I’d give it a try..!

  • sweetooth18cullen

    Hi 🙂 My name is Mai Atzmon,
    I i would love to win the etude house make up 😀 I just love how feminine and cute their products are, korean make up is the only kind that has ever really appealed to me but i have never had the chance to use them. I would really like to try their stuff out 😀 my twitter is @MaiAtzmon

  • Laura Cowell

    I really want to start buying Korean beauty products, but don’t know where to start. Also it’s my 30th birthday at the end of March, and a girl needs to look her best 😉 @Lozzcowell

  • Lita Bown

    i would love to win them because i never get the chance to get Korean cosmetics! 🙂 @highforhood

  • sowmya

    My name is Sowmya Nimalarathan,
    and i love all korean cosmetics, especially etude house, it is such a well known and quality brand, i would be lucky to win products from there, thank you.

  • Karla Bergado

    Name: Karla Bergado
    Twitter: Karla_jojoviee

    I want to win because Etude House has really good skincare and make-up products that I love and would enjoy using. It would be great to win because they don’t really sell any Korean make-up brands here.
    Also, I’ll be using a brand that my favourite stars and singers use!!! :O <3 <3

  • spacegarbage

    I love to doll up my nails so nail accessories sound awesome! I’d probably give the other stuff to my mum :^) @nohoya

  • Mona

    I’m Mona, and I’m entering this contest because honestly I just love cosmetics haha everything about it I love, I’m a complete freak when it comes to Cosmetics. I know a lot people who have send endless of great things about Étude House, so I would love to try it for myself and see what it’s like. I hope I will be able to win this and hopefully try something new from Korea ^^ thank you.
    Twitter: @_MonaKwon

  • :)

    Id love to win some etude house products because i’ve never tried any korean makeup products! 😀 And i heard Etude House is one of the best 😀

  • Lily Gibson

    I would love the chance to win etude house goodies:) they’re pretty pricey lets admit but they are so good for my skin especially the face mask. The chance to actually experiment with my nails would be nice too. Oooo I hope I win:) twitter: @_w0wlily

  • Buzz

    I’d love to win because I love Korean cosmetics- especially those from Etude House. Why? Because I love the idols they have chosen to be for their endorsments so far! Sulli, Krystal, Dara and not forgetting our beloved SHINee (yes, I’m a shawol. LOL). And lets be honest, its absolutely overpriced to get it shipped to the UK *coughSHINeeEtudePerfumescough*
    But the main point is that even though I buy them out of love for the endorsers – they work! Altho sadly I have run out…. lol – @JjongPD

  • Honor Burrows

    Since Etude is quite expensive, and I’m super low on make-up right now — plus Etude house is my favourite brand. It’s creams are so soft :33 My twitter account is @honorburrows97

  • lecrazyblob

    Name: Zehra
    Twitter: @lecrazyblob

    Hello! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would really like to win this as i really want to understand the difference between western and korean cosmetics, how they feel like on the body and the general aesthetic and look . I recently recieved a nail care from etude house and it was absolutly amazing and since then ive wanted to try out more products but its really difficult to purchase them in London :(. I’m quite new with these sorts of things and by winning it would help me to know which products to buy and the sorts of things i would need. It’s also pretty awesome to know i’d be wearing brands that my favourite kpop stars like and hopefully have as beautiful skin as them (*o*)) !

    Thank you 8D !!

  • A_M_K

    Wow! Etude House make-up! That would be amazing to have! I love how cute all the products are and it would be wonderful if I could win! @ANEE_X_O

  • Amber Howlett

    Amber Howlett
    Please let me win because I would love to try these products and I never win anything!

  • Eleanor

    Name: Eleanor
    Twitter: @spaghaetti
    I’d love to win because I don’t have any make up or skin care products at all because they’re all really expensive? xD So maybe if I could win I could at least last on these for awhile 😀 Oh yeah and from reviews etc etude house seems pretty awesome ^^
    Anyway, thanks for doing this giveaway and such, love the website and appreciate all your hard work ^^

  • Seungeun Lee

    Seungeun Lee
    I’ve heard so many good things about Etude House and I’ve always wanted to try out the products…! I’ve also gotten etude house recommendations in the past but never got my hands on them which is quite unfortunate. I wish to try the products of Etude House through this opportunity.

  • Jessica

    Name: Jessica
    Twitter: Jessicaa_Liu

    I love to win because Étude House is like my favourite brand ever but it’s too expensive for me:( so if I win it would be AWESOME!! Thanks for all your hard work~~^^

  • KiraPura

    Name: Kira
    Twitter: @KiraFarron
    I want to win because Etude seems to be a great brand! ^^

  • shuhara

    This is a great oppertunity and who wouldn’t want to win it, I would love to win it because from what I have bought so far(apricot stick, cookie blusher and wonder pore brush) I am loving it plus it’s a bonus that it’s a Korean brand. Also it would be great to experience other Etude House products through this competition, by winning the competition it will make me more confident in buying Etude House product as i will know that I am getting my moneys worth because lets face it, it is expensive.
    Name: Shuhara Twitter: EvilMakneLover

  • Moon

    Name: Mahzabin
    Twitter: @moonlitebliz
    Why i want to win: well Etude House is a pretty well known company, and i always wanted to try out their products but whenever i wanted to buy it i always backed out thinking would it be worth spending money on etc so i never really bought anything.. if i won this i could give their products a try.. and if i happen to like it then i guess i would buy their products from now on and not be worried about the fact im spending soo much money on it 🙂

  • Tamsin

    Name: Tamsin
    Twitter: @tveef
    I’d like to win because I’ve always wanted to try etude house products and they have good reviews but they’re too expensive for me to try and the shipping always costs a lot as well. Thank you for this opportunity and your hard work^^

  • Name: Emily
    Twitter: Emerrichan
    Why I want to win: I really love Etude House products and Korean cosmetic brands in general, if I was able to win I’d be so happy and thankful as I completely adore Etude House.Thank you for doing such a nice giveaway and for always keeping me updated on new Kpop info, you guys are amazing!

  • Lyndsy

    I really, really want to win as I have been dying to try out Etude House products for such a long time. Korean(or all Asian) colouring of products seem to suit my skin better and would love to see if the results are the same as British/American products. Plus it would be a great pick me up following my exams. =] x

  • Ula Fydrych

    Ula Fydrych
    I would really love to win these etude house products because i really love all the korean makeup brands^.^ and i love makeup and skincare overall and i dream to become a youtube beauty guru<3.<3. This giveaway would give me the opportunity to review more products as i cant afford to buy loads cos of the shipping cost:/ Thanks for these awsome giveaway and all the kpop news everyday! :3

  • rezki hayati

    Rezki Hayati
    i’ve liked your facebook page and Followed your twitter!
    I really want to win because im a fan of etude house product, i’ve tried some of their products and it is reaaaaaaally awesome. I think it was because im an asian so the product goes really well with my skin. But i have never tried their hand cream and nail accessories and im dying to try it. The price is extremely expensive at my country, and as a student with a thin wallet i need to save my money to buy it. Hope i win this giveaway so i can try another awesome product from Etude House!
    Thanks for this super awesome giveaway, and another thanks for all the kpop news!


    Yang Ng
    I have followed and like your page 🙂 I want to win this coz I have never tried etude house products and this would be a great opportunity for me to try if it works wonders for me I will continue purchasing their products. Thank you 🙂

  • Sam~

    Samantha Chua
    I want to win this giveaway because I have never tried products from Etude House before and this will be a great opportunity for me. I’ve watched and read many reviews of Etude House’s products and found them amazing. Plus,they also come with cute packagings. ^.^ Would really love to try their handcreams. Thanks for the giveaway~

  • mae lin

    Maelin Cheung
    This would be a great opportunity to try some Etude House products since they are not available where I live and I’ve heard many great things about them! Also who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • Blainers

    Blaine Thornton
    I would love to win the giveaway because as a student I don’t have much money to buy Etude House. Id also like give a few things to my mum as she loves cute make up, especially if it is packages nicely.

  • Filsan Dualeh

    Filsan Dualeh
    I would really appreciate it if I won because I have always loved korean makeup styles and I have herd such good things about Etude House and I would also love to actually try and own some korean makeup =D !! Thank you for keeping us in the the know with all the Kpop news & for this amazing giveaway x

  • Esha EunHae

    Name: Esha M

    Twitter: @donghaesha8692

    Why I want to win?

    I’m not a woman who likes to dress up / wear makeup in my everyday life. Things I did at least, was limited to cleaning. Clean my face etc.. And because this time the prize is a set of cosmetics, I became interested. And who knows, if I win, I will start to become a real woman (?) XD and learn from these products. And all also know that Etude is a very famous brand of Korean cosmetics.

    How do they say it? Wanna be sweet? Play Etude! 😀

  • Nadya

    FB: Nadya Melisha Nabilah

    The reason why I want to win is that honestly, I haven’t tried this product and I would love to have an opportunity to try this. I’ve heard a lot of positive view from others and so it encourages me to give it a try. And, the advertisement/promotional clip of this brand also persuades me to ‘TRY ME!’ [that promotional clip where the shinee members try to kiss Sandara after she put on the lipstick~~ XD who wouldn’t want that?]it would be really lovely if I try Korean cosmetics/make-up^^

    Thank you~!

  • ★ Rachel

    Name: Rachel Clark
    twitter: @pinkwoon

    Etude House’s products are one of the best and most famous among korean cosmetic brands. I used to live in Asia where it was super convenient to get hold of Etude House products. So since I moved to the UK, i havent had the luxury to purchase any of them! Thus I would love love love to win these Etude House products because i miss them so so much! I especially love their nail polishes, they’re of high quality which you can’t get at the same price as the brands you normally get in the UK. Their make up works well on all skin types and they have such a wide range of products too! Moreover, the reviews you guys always do on your website just makes me want to try them more!

  • Katie Skeoch

    Katie skeoch

    I have never heard of this brand but am always on the look out for new and innovative products. I have found and become a frequent buyer of lots of products found on t’internet – this could be the next one!!

  • Polly Hoang :3

    Polly Hoang

    I’ve always wanted to try out etude house products but never got the chance to, I do have have korean products but they are from different brands, when i purchase them i always get a free sample from etude house, when i use it, i really want to buy it but unfortunately i can’t because i’m out of money atm >.< i heard about the pearl mask from etude house and apparently it is good for whitening and brightening the skin (which is what I need :3)

    Thanks for the giveaway unitedkpop!

  • Hana

    Name: Hana Marshall
    Twitter: hana_ew
    Followed and liked your pages! I’d love to win this giveaway as I’m tight on money and can’t really afford to spend much on makeup in general. I love Etude House products as well, as they’re such good quality and the packaging is so sweet! The few EH products I own are beauty staples for me, so it would be really lovely to stock up on more Etude House without having to save up for ages to buy them. Thanks for this giveaway guys, you’re the best x

  • lee liet

    name: lee liet
    twitter: @leeliet
    email/ contact: leeliet@hotmail.com
    i want to win because i love kpop and korean skincare/makeup
    i love your website, timely updates and interesting discussions
    i have heard of many many rave reviews on etude house products and i would love to try their products. i am very interested in etude house since shinee, sulli, krystal and sandara have endorsed this brand

  • zahra

    Name: Zahra Prasetyo
    Twitter: @zahraprasetyo
    Hiya! I would like to win because I am really interested in Korean skincare & beauty, I have heard many great things about them but have had very rare opportunities to actually try some out. I have heard many wonderful things about Etude house! Also, I am planning to start a korean/k-pop beauty youtube channel, so this could help me get started & I could do a review on some of these products^^ Thank you for this giveaway!.<)

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