This week the 30 K-pop student’s were taught two K-pop dances. The KCCUK had joined up with the LoKos and DanyDan Park to teach their 30 K-pop Academy students 2NE1’s Clap Your Hands the Lokos (London Kpop dance workshop),  and Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby by DanyDan. The Korean Class Massive were also present.

First students were given a warm up  by Caroline of the LoKos. Then Tammy of the Lokos taught the 30 students the chorus of Clap Your Hands. Afterwards students performed the dance routine in 4 separate groups, DanyDan selected the 3 best dancers of each group to perform the dance again. Below is the Music Video, for those who may not know the song.

After practicing the dance students were given a 10 minute break. After which DanyDan performed his own choreography of Fantastic Baby to the class. The students were surprised at how fast his dance was, and doubted they’d be able to learn it themselves. However students picked it up quite fast. whilst teaching the class Dany would make jokes about the dance and choreography. Students were then split into 4 groups to dance again, with the best 3 from each group performing again. He’d also forced one K-pop Academy student to perform with him as a solo. Although everyone joined in at the end.

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Afterwards was the real challenge. Student’s were split into 3 teams to practice both dances again before performing one last time. Tammy, Caroline and Deanna of the Lokos went over the dances with a group each, whilst DanyDan helped each group. After performing DanyDan chose Team C or ‘Team T.O.P’ as the winners. Each member of the team were given a bag of prizes.

After being assigned homework, more prizes were given out to K-Pop Acadmey students who had given in outstanding homework! Then a photo was taken with the class, the LoKos and DanyDan. Students were then able to send a video message to bigbang themselves!


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