MV Monday this week takes a look at the arrival of rookie girl group The Ark. 

The Ark aim to show many different colours, and reflect the images and thinking of the public. Thus they will be able to show an ever changing concept, their forward thinking should hopefully see them as strong and independent as well as emotional and delicate.

Their debut song The Light was composed by Kim Tae Sung, the composer of Girls’ Generation’s The Boys, and Iconic Sounds, the home of K-Pop Star’s Andrew Choi.
It incorporates different sounds to present a catchy, emotional track.

The Light’s narrative needs no explanation, though its interesting to note its release coincides almost perfectly with the anniversary of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, making this a music video that speaks far deeper than many.

Presenting relatable messages is a concept with a record of success, for example g.o.d because one of the most loved first generation groups by focusing on topics such as families struggling during a recession.

With The Ark set to show off their many colours it will be interesting to see what else comes from the rookies already impressing with their dance covers.


Other video highlights from the week:

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Do you like the mv from The Ark? What has been your favourite video from the Kpop world in the past week?


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