As the year of 2012 is coming to an end, we wanted to make a survey that will test our readers’ knowledge of the K-Pop new stories that have been covered this year!

Do you have the K-Pop fan know-how needed to get 100%?!

We will be posting the answers to these questions on the 31st.
No using the internet to cheat of course! 😛

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QUESTION 1: A rumour spread that PSY and a fellow female K-Pop star were engaging in a secret affair. Who was the lady in question?
A – HyunA (4Minute).
B –  YoonA (SNSD).
C – Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls).
D – Suzy (Miss A).

QUESTION 2: The boys of INFINITE that member L has a very unusual sleeping habit. What is it?
A – He dances.
B – He bakes cakes.
C – He slaps himself.
D – He talks to the other members.

QUESTION 3: BIGBANG‘s Seungri was caught up in quite a shocking sex scandal with an anonymus Japanese woman. Which Japanese magazine published the article?
A – ‘ViVi’
B – ‘Friday’
C – ‘An An’
D – ‘Japan Echo’

QUESTION 4: TVXQ’s YunHo revealed that he had a very different career ambition before becoming a K-Pop Idol. What was it?
A – Prosecutor
B – ZooKeeper
C – Dancer
D – Pilot

QUESTION 5: British actor Daniel Radcliffe picked who he thought was the prettiest SNSD member. Who is it?
A – Sunny
B – Jessica
C – Tiffany
D – Sooyoung

QUESTION 6: Super Junior’s EunHyuk and female singer IU caused a stir when she accidently uploaded a picture of the pair to her Twitter account. What explanation did IU‘s agency LOEN Entertainment give for this situation?
A – EunHyuk was drunk an IU thought it would be funny to take a photo.
B – EunHyuk refused to put his shirt back on until IU took a photo of him.
C – The two people were actually lookalikes.
D – EunHyuk was visiting IU when she was unwell.

QUESTION 7: Block B’s U-Kwon revealed that he had a girlfriend this year. What is her job?
A – Announcer
B – Model.
C – Actress
D – Rapper

QUESTION 8: Why did Girl’s Day member Jihae leave the group this year?
A – The other members were mean to her.
B – Her parents wanted to be able to spend more time with her.
C – She wanted to concerntrate on her studies.
D – She wanted to be able to have a boyfriend without consequences.

QUESTION 9: Which K-Pop Idol was revealed to have the most expensive home?
B – Jang Geun Suk
C – Jo Kwon (2AM)
D – Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

QUESTION 10: What statement made during a Twitter conversation led 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon to apologise to INFINITE’s fans?
A – “You guys aren’t as handsome as me!”
B – “Wooyoung said he hated INFINITE”
C – “Hoya is pretty cool…if you like that kind of guy”.
D – “Sunbaes, Whatever!”

QUESTION 11: 2NE1‘s Dara was made quite upset this year for what reason?
A – CL shaved off half of her hair.
B – Park Bom told her she was gaining weight.
C – BIGBANG’s Seungri wouldn’t stop calling her to set her up with his friends.
D – MBLAQ were doing better than 2NE1 in sales.

QUESTION 12: Which member of Epik High welcomed a baby boy into their life this year?
A – Mithra Jin.
B – Tablo.
C – DJ Tukutz.

QUESTION 13: What is the full name of the comic book B2St/BEAST released this year?
A – ‘The Beast – An Epic Adventure’.
B – ‘The Beast – A Destiny’s Beginning’.
C – ‘The Beasts Bite Back’.
D – ‘The Beauties and the Beasts’.

QUESTION 14: Brian Joo was revealed to have been cast in a role for which musical?
A – ‘Catch Me If You Can’.
B – ‘Legally Blonde’.
C – ‘Love the Silent Tears’.
D – ‘Elizabeth’.

QUESTION 15: Who did journalist Michael Cragg in an article for British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ say was most likely to find success after PSY in the UK?
A – No Hong Chul.
B – G-Dragon (BIGBANG).
C – IU.
D – HyunA (4Minute).

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Have fun!

[POST EDITED: 31/12/2012].



– YoonA (SNSD).
– He slaps himself.
– ‘Friday’.
– Prosecutor.
QUESTION 5: C – Tiffany.
QUESTION 6: D – EunHyuk was visiting IU when she was unwell.
QUESTION 7: B – Model.
QUESTION 8: C – She wanted to concerntrate on her studies.
QUESTION 9: B – Jang Geun Suk.
QUESTION 10: D – “Subaes, Whatever!”.
QUESTION 11: A – CL shaved off half her hair.
QUESTION 12: C – DJ Tukutz.
QUESTION 13: B – ‘The Beast – A Destiny’s Beginning’.
QUESTION 14: C – ‘Love the Silent Tears’.
QUESTION 15: D – HyunA (4Minute).


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