Hey guys, welcome back to Film Friday! Today we’ll be looking at the 2006 comedy film, 200 Pounds Beauty!


2oo Pounds Beauty follows Han Na, an overweight phone sex employee who also works as the ghost singer for a famous singer called Ammy who lip syncs all her songs. Full of talent but lacking in confidence, Han Na always hides behind the performance stages to sing Ammy’s songs and records all her singles, but despite Han Na acting as Ammy’s voice and talent, Ammy publicly humiliates Han Na in front of the music company’s director, Sang Jun. This is made all the worse as Ammy knows full well that Han Na is in love Sang Jun.

After being humiliated and heartbroken, Han Na unsuccessfully attempts to commit suicide, but when it fails she comes to the decision that the only way to change her life is to undergo drastic plastic surgery to increase her confidence and live the life she has alway wanted. She manages to blackmail one of her sex line patrons, who happens to be a plastic surgeon, into performing the extensive surgery for her, and after a year of recovery and reinvention, Han Na, under the new identity of ‘Jenny’, is ready to start her life over again.

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Throughout this film we get to see the hilarious ups and downs of Han Na’s life as she attempts to pick up her life again, but as a different person. This is interspersed with some slightly serious and emotional moments as she is forced to pick between what was important to Han Na and what can make Jenny more successful, and all the while, she is dealing with Ammy who resents such a talented newcomer.

I recommend this film to pretty much anyone, unless self esteem issues are triggering for you to watch. But this film is very enjoyable as we go through Han Na’s drastic, and slightly unbelievable journey with her, and I promise you, you’ll never stop rooting for her!

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