If you haven’t noticed the swarms of K-pop idols jumping on this trend, where have you been hiding?! What makes this German brand so popular with Seoulites and idols?

The MCM Backpack has many varieties but the basic design consists of a few typical factors:-

  1. Leather
  2. Studs
  3. MCM brand name smothering the bag

Though the bags come in a huge range of colours, this simple design equation has most likely contributed to their rapidly increasing popularity. However, getting your hands on one of these will set you back over £500! That’s a lot of cash to let go of on one item but it seems these backpacks have taken the fashion world my storm. (I’ve even seen a girl at my college with one!) As long as you are careful with it, something like this can last for years, deeming it a fairly justifiable (and expensive) investment.

We can start by looking at Rain/비, who may have been influential in starting this trend by modelling for the brand. To this day, he still shows up at launch events and campaigns. Since then, the influx in the South Korean capital has been incredible, with idols spotted wearing them everywhere.

Changmin and U-Know pictured at an MCM launch event, showing off leather on leather.

EXO’s Lay spotted wearing his purple backpack with casual denim and Vans.

For some variety – Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun opts for a chic look with this animal print MCM handbag, but the main design principles are still there.

These three idols have proved you can wear these iconic bags in a way that suits your own style; the simple design makes for ultimate versatility. Which outfit did you like the best? Dress up like Seohyun or dress down like Lay, you can still rock this trend – if you’re willing to depart with the cash! If your budget is just a tad tighter, you could look for non-branded leather bags, with or without studs, to pull off the same kind of style.

Who else have you seen wearing an MCM backpack? Please let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: as watermarked.


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