Lunar New Year means a short release hiatus, though it doesn’t mean we are gifted with videos galore, many of them greetings for the New Year. NU’EST took a different approach to the New Years greeting and gifted their fans with a special video.

NU’EST created a short film called We Are Killers.  A subtitled version has been uploaded by the team at fansite THENUEST.

We Are Killers is a parody of the recently ended KBS2 drama Healer. It begins with drama like visuals, introducing the characters though becomes comical as it plays on. Filmed on the streets of the neighbourhood they live in, We Are Killers is accompanied by English narration from Aron, and a Cantonese soundtrack.

JR plays character Oneshot Onekill, the leader of the killer group. Minhyun is Nice Finger, a hacker. Aron aka Delivery Man sources important items for the group and employs urban camouflage along the way. Ren or Einstein is the killer group’s master chemist. Baekho is know as Tiger and is the strength behind the team.

Though as the video continues their skills are evidently not what they seem and the normal fun nature of the group returns to wish their fans, known as LOVEs (from the NU’EST hangul consonants ㄴㅇㅅㅌ) a happy new year.

We Are Killers is a fun and novel way to celebrate the New Year with fans, and has certainly made NU’EST stand out amongst the regular greeting videos.

Other video highlights from the past week include:

Did you like the NU’EST Lunar New Year gift? What was your video highlight of the week? 



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