We met with the five boys of HISTORY backstage before the concert and sat down for an interview. We chatted about their next possible concept for a comeback and how excited they are to perform in London!

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Q: We understand the dual meaning behind your name is ‘His Story’ and making ‘history’ but would you ever try any historical concepts?

Jaeho: Yes we would, but what do you think?

Q: It would be great! You could film it while you’re here in London? Tower of London or Buckingham Palace, perhaps?

All: laughing

Sihyoung: Ahhh, yes Buckingham Palace! We could do that!

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t idols?

Jaeho: We’re into all sorts of genres of music so if we weren’t idols, we’d definitely be doing something else in the industry.

Dokyun: We’d be different types of musicians.

Jaeho: Yeah, we’d be solo musicians.


Q: How does it feel to be finally performing in front of your European fans? It’s be 3 years since you’ve debuted and you’ve gained a lot of support.

Kyungil: We’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to perform in front of our European fans.

All: Because of that, we are quite nervous!

Q: Do you notice any differences between your European fans and your Korean fans?

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Kyungil: European fans have a lot more energy compared to our fans in Korea.

Q: What are you most excited to see or do during your time in London?

All: There’s so many…

Sihyoung: We want to go to the Tower of London!

Q: And film an MV there…?

All: laughing Ahhh – yes!

Jaeho: And we could eat with the Queen.

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Q: What’s next for HISTORY in terms of concept?

Jaeho: We’d want to do a masculine concept that’s a bit more playful.

All: We want to combine the two. We want to be ‘boyish’ but still be masculine or if we had a masculine concept we’d tone it down by being a bit playful.

All: A man who knows how to get out there and play!

Q: Can you please make a shout-out to your London fans who are excited for your show?

Kyungil: It’s an honour to meet our London fans and our European fans. We just want more frequent opportunities to see them more.

7M3A9604 2HISTORY performed in London as part of their European tour! They seemed really excited to finally meet their London fans. During the concert, they took questions from the fans themselves so check out our concert coverage article to read more on their comeback and what their ideal type is!

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