It has recently been announced that Kim Junsu of JYJ has been cast as the lead for new musical, Dorian Gray!

Dorian Gray is an Irish horror/fantasy story set in England which originated from Oscar Wilde’s 1890 novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. It tells the story of a young, beautiful man who essentially sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty. After a painting of him had been completed and given to him, he was told that his beauty would not last forever whereas the painting’s would, so Dorian decided to reverse the roles and keep the youth and beauty for himself. His life begins to go down hill due to his bad decisions related to drugs and crime, and as he goes down this path, the painting gradually takes on a more sinister and evil look which he then needs to hide.

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Labelled a ‘masterpiece’, the story touches on vanity, selfishness and cruelty. It’s a great story to analyse for all you psychologists out there!

The musical will take place in Seongnam Arts Centre Opera House, Korea in September.


Do you think Kim Junsu was a good choice for the role?


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