VIXX are back with their sixth single album: Hades. Based around the Greek God of the Underworld title track Fantasy emphasises the darkness of its concept.

VIXX are known for their strong concepts and musical-like performances showcasing strong vocals and impressive choreography. Much of their music displays a deep emotion through dark and sad love songs, setting a solid theme for their music as a group.

1. Fantasy

The track begins slowly, easing you in with softer music, finger clicking and strong vocals; this building into a more dramatic sound as the track reaches the first bridge. The orchestral sounds and mysterious melodies kick off at the chorus, matching their powerful choreography and image in the music video. The tone and expression in their vocals emphasis the sorrow and emptiness of the lyrics; the strength of this showcasing the talent of VIXX.

2.  Love Me Do

With a more pop edge, Love Me Do has smooth vocals and upbeat melodies, mixing their unique sound for an interesting track. One of the track’s composers is a mysterious ‘Andrew Baag’, according to official records, Andrew Baag is actually B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, an impressive contribution from kpop rapper.

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3. Butterfly Effect

This soft balled has vibes of jazz and R&B, contrasting Fantasy and Love Me Do. Hades has a fitting mix of styles, and ends well with Butterfly Effect’s dream-like melodies.
The style of this track seems to bring VIXX and listeners out of the darkness of Fantasy, and the underworld concept, ending Hades on a brighter note.

Overall VIXX have continued to show their strength musically and visually, and the future looks still set to show more great things from the group.


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