The winner of SBS’ TV show K-pop Star Season 1 back in 2011, Park Jimin, is back in the charts with another solo release.

Park Jimin, also known as Jimin Park or Jamie, signed with JYP Entertainment after winning the show, and debuted in 2012 as one half a girl duo called 15&. While she’s still a member of the group, along with Baek Yerin, both girls have also released solo material. Jimin’s also one of the co-hosts on Arirang’s After School Club along with Kevin from U-KISS and Jae from DAY6.

In 2015 Jimin released her first solo album, Hopeless Love, and filmed a short reality series, Real Jimin, for JYP’s YouTube channel. Try is the title track of 19 to 20, her new album. Soon after release it ranked high on the Chinese music chart Kugou.


It’s not hard to see why 19-year-old Jimin is popular with Kpop fans around the world; she’s got a superb, mellow voice, and a cute everyday girl look. She can speak English, Korean and basic Thai thanks to some childhood years spent at an international school in Bangkok.

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