If you’re a blood sausage or black pudding fan, you’re bound to like the sound of soondae, a popular dish made of boiled cow or pig intestines.

The most common variety has dangmyeon (a kind of clear noodle), barley, and pork blood stuffed inside, but other versions include rice, kimchi, and soybean sprouts among other things. Every region has its own slightly different style, but in its most basic form, it’s a street food often served up with the spicy red tteobokki sauce.

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It’s easy enough to find in Korea, as it has its own themed street in Sillim-dong, Seoul. Take a look at the varieties you can get there.

Want to try it closer to home? Bibigo, a Korean restaurant in London, has got you covered. Their soondae dish is one of the contenders to win the title of Hottest K-Food in London 2016. Votes have to be in by 20th October, so if you’re planning to make a vote, try out this dish!


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